Someone to love( a one direction group story)

So I'm writing a group story with my firend Prim its about her and i falling in love with the members of one I hope you enjoy our story

Chapter 1

Meet and greet

Prim and I were so pumped after the concert I didn't want it to end but at the same time as but I excited about meeting the boys especially Zayn . But I couldn't say wasn't nervous cause I was beyond nervous I looked over my outfit wondering if my keep calm and love one direction shirt that Prim had got me was to much . I nervously ran my hand through my dark hair then smoothing it out as we made our way back stage.
"Bia stop you look fine not a hair out of place" Prim said smiling at me her blue eyes shining brightly I smiled back slightly I don't know what I do without Prim she like my bestfriend actually she's like my sister she help through many things that I couldn't get through alone. I snapped out of my thoughts and realized we were at the door that led the back stage there was a buff man standing in front of the door asking for our passes. After we showed him we went in there was a long hallway with six or seven doors on the right side of the hall each door had writing on it , I looked at the writing closely to they had the boys name on each and the two that were left had the longue room and meet and great area on the other door. I look back at our passes to see that we supposed to go to room marked meet and great. I turned to ask Prim something but she wasn't beside me I started to panicked
"Prim " I called looking around walked down the hall not paying attention I ran something hard I fell down and what ever I ran into fell on top of me I groaned as my head my conact with the hard floorI slowly open my eyes to see beautiful hazel eyes staring back into mine. I knew these eyes they belong the one and only Zayn Malik I felt his heart beat on my chest through his thin white shirt. I tried to look away but I couldn't it was like there was force between us that wouldn't let us look away from each other. I know we had to be siting there for a while because someone cleared there throat Zayn looked behind him to see Harry stand behind us smirking with his arms folded on his chest. Zayn quickly got up and held out a hand to help me I hesitantly took his hand and he pulled me up with ease my head instantly started hurting and I was bit dizzy I held my head and massage my temples
"Are you okay love" Zayn asked in gentally voice looking at me with concern I looked at him and nodded
"Y-yeah I'm ok" I answered stuttering slightly Zayn looked like he didn't believe me he was about to say something but Harry cut him off
"What's your name love" he asked me I almost forgot that he was there
"Bianca" I answered a little more stable then last time Zayn smiled his hazel sparkling taking my breath away once again
"That's a beautiful name " he said making my cheeks grow a little red he chuckled slightly at that
"Well it looks like you supposed to meet us today anyway I guess you got head start" Harry said smiling a bit but enough to show off his dimples while look at my pass that was around my neck
"Yeah i am but I lost my friend that I came with" I said making them both laugh I looked down and blushed
"That's probably the girl that's already in there talking to the lads she has blonde hair and blue eyes right" Zayn asked I nodded
"Well lets go meet the rest of the lads" Zayn said gesturing for me to follow him I took one step and I stumbled against the wall the dizzy feeling cominng back Harry and Zayn looked behind at me with concern
"Bianca are you okay love " Zayn asked making his way towards me I managed to push my self off of the wall but that was a mistake my knees felt weak under me and I dropped but before hit the ground someone caught wrapping there arms around my waist I was going to look and see who was when suddenly blacked out hearing the boys screaming my name
30 minutes later

I woke up but I kept my eyes close I felt something cold on my forehead,I was going to touch it I remembered I was supposed to be sleep so I stayed still and focused on the voices.
"Is she going to be ok" a strong Irish voice asked I recongnize as Niall's voice he seemed close by
"I don't know she's been out for like half an hour she hit her head a bit hard when she fell" Zayn said with concern lassed in his beautiful voice.
"I hope she's ok" Prim said with worry
I thought it was time for me to 'wake up' so nobody would get to worried I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my surrounds to see everybody in a circle looking at me my cheeks became pink. Niall was on my right siting in a chair next was ,Liam who was siting really close Prim with his arm over her shoulder siting in a two seater couch, then next to Prim was Louis and Harry was next to him by the edge of the couch I was laying on. Then i realized that my head was on someone lap I looked and saw Zayn smiling at me slightly my cheeks got a cherry red tried to get up but my head started hurt when I sat up to fast,someone gentally pushed me back down.
"You should stay still you could hurt self " Zayn said looking at me I nodded I looked at Prim and saw her looking at me with a big smile rolled my eyes because I know why she was smiling .

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