Unlikely Friends

Chapter 2


I was bored to death during math class. We were reviewing something I already knew. When our teacher Mr. Brophy dismissed us, I sprinted out of there and ran to my bus.

'' Hi Lissa! ''
I turned around and saw one of my friends named Ashley. She was considered a cheerleader and she was nice and all but sometimes she could be a little harsh. I mean, she's kind of a wannabee, so she can gets angry with lucky people.

'' Hey Ashley. You coming on the bus today? ''
She nodded. '' Yeah, my dad's working late, '' she said pouting. She didn't like the bus. I didn't either. Our bus driver was really mean.
'' HEY, I DON'T GOT ALL DAY! '' shouted our bus driver. She glowered at us. I gulped and took Ashley's arm.
'' Gee, I hope that woman gets fired, '' I muttered.
'' Lissa! Who's that- oh hey Ashley. '' My friend Amanda Williams who's also a cheerleader was waving to us. She pulled out a super shiny purple phone.

'' Wow, '' mumbled Ashley.

Amanda bit her lip. She probably knew Ashley was already jealous. '' Yeah, my mom got it for me since my idiot cousin Trace broke my other one. ''
I shifted. Trace was pretty nice, and sometimes I felt bad for him since he didn't have a lot of friends. Amanda could be pretty hard with him, but well, Amanda was my friend so...
'' Woah! '' I cried. '' What was that? ''
'' Huh? '' asked Ashley.
'' I-I swear there was a shadow at that alley over there that we just passed. But it was HUGE,'' I said.
Ashley fluffed out her thick blonde hair. '' Eh, maybe a dog? ''
I rolled my blue eyes. '' A dog isn't that big. ''
Amanda grinned. '' Guess what? Jacob texted me saying Josie called him and she's having a party tomorrow night. A bunch of cheerleaders and jocks are invited. And smarty-pants like your friend Thomas. ''

I blushed. '' Well, I'm a smarty to you know. It's a good thing. ''
Amanda nodded. '' I know. ''
'' Yikes! I saw a shadow too! '' said Ashley. '' Dude, it's huge! '' she actually looked nervous. I shook off the weird feeling.
Amanda narrowed her dark eyes. '' Oh, come on! You guys have to figure out what to wear! I'm not wearing a dress. I want Jacob to like me and he likes chicks in skirts. So I'm gonna wear my black one. The super- short one. ''
I nodded. '' Well, I'll see but we have a test tomorrow. History test. So I have to cram. I invited Thomas over tonight. ''
Amanda made kissing noises. '' I don't like him! '' I insisted.
She grinned. '' All right. ''

I hopped off the bus quickly when the darn woman screamed at me.
'' Bye guys! '' I called.
Another shadow went past the bus. I ran home.

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