Unlikely Friends

Chapter 11


Somebody had come up with the idea to scout around the neighborhood, to get some information on the creepy shadows. Of course nobody was willing to go alone, so we were teaming up.

I was with Amanda, Jacob, and Trace. Trace wasn't a real party guy, so even though he fought a lot with Amanda, he insisted on being in her group. It made sense, since they were cousins.

'' All right, sorry guys, '' Amanda groaned. '' But Trace here's being a baby so... '' she huffed and rolled her eyes, annoyed. Trace didn't look any happier, and grimaced. Awkward was the only word to describe the moment, so I stepped in cheerfully.

'' 'K, so Amanda, we've got the east corner right? The one with the kind of shabby houses, and the big, weird turn, '' I laughed forcefully. She crinkled her forehead and then caught on.

She flashed me a big smile. '' Uh, yeah right, um, so we'll go over there, try not to step in the unknown puddle over there, '' she giggled. '' And we'll search around! We don't have such a big space, but there's a big turn on one side, so we can split up. '' This was the first BAM in our plan to make Jamanda a real couple.

Jacob needed to get the hint for it to work. And thankfully, he wasn't so oblivious. He nodded and smiled. Amanda stared at him, probably just, '' checking him out '', like she called it. Actually, she was probably mesmerized. I had to cough loudly or else I would've burst into laughter.

She snapped back to attention, and her brown eyes brightened. '' Oh, Trace you can go with... Lissa right? '' she smiled innocently. Trace shrugged, looking down. '' Yeah, sure, '' he said softly. I smoothed down my hair, and flung it out of my face. I wasn't sure if he was scared, or just shy, or maybe he didn't give a crap about this.

'' All right guys, let's go then! '' I smiled brightly and turned to Trace. '' Um, she wasn't kidding when she talked about that puddle. It's huge, covering most of the cement. It's wet but kind of dry, I mean you can smell it, kind of like wet but dry paint, and it looks like mud. '' I snickered. '' No one's ever touched it. ''

Trace looked up, and that made me wonder if he had listened at all. He blinked, and said, '' Yeah, I guess I'll just walk around it. ''

'' Dude, you're gonna walk ''around'' it?! '' Jacob spread out his arms in disbelieve. '' Man, JUMP over it! '' Jacob and Amanda laughed together, and Amanda even went into the flirty zone and winked. I smiled to myself, thinking it would be great if Jacob asked her out on a date. They'd look good together, Jacob was athletic and tall, with straight dark brown hair and big brown eyes, and he had a really light tan. Amanda was tall but about an inch shorter, and her light tan also looked good with Jacob's. She was pretty and nice and she enjoyed his jokes so he'd keep her entertained when she was bored. I snickered again.

We walked to the block in silence, except for Jacob's occasional joke and Amanda's laughter. I tried to make small talk with Trace, but he didn't seem interested. Until Jacob decided to play Would You Rather to pass the time. He'd asked Amanda some gross questions and they were laughing when he turned to Trace.

'' Hey man, I'm gonna think of one for you. '' Jacob grinned. He paused for a moment, then snapped his fingers. '' I've got it! Would you rather kiss Aubrey... or Lissa? '' Jacob looked ridiculously excited, but Trace's eyes widened in shock. His mouth twitched and while he seemed to take it in his cheeks burned up.

I swallowed with difficulty, and my cheeks almost hurt from the heat in them. I knew it was just a joke, but it was pretty embarrassing all of a sudden. Trace cracked an embarrassed smile and said, '' I guess Lissa. 'Cause Aubrey's like too perky and... girly and all that. ''

Amanda crinkled her forehead. '' But Lissa's a cheerleader, '' she pointed out. I shot her a look and she corrected herself. '' Well yeah she's not a perky cheerleader. ''

I noticed we were past the first few houses of our assigned section. Grateful for the distraction, I immediately told the others.
'' Guys! Come on we're here and ooh there's the puddle watch out okay so it looks pretty dark over there and maybe we should go there first. '' I was annoying myself already.

Amanda smiled knowingly. '' Uh, maybe we should split up now huh? '' I bit my lip. ''Awkward'' couldn't even describe was was in store for me now. Trace rolled his eyes. '' Yeah whatever. 'K Lissa just forget what Jacob said he was just being Jacob, '' he said. I was a tiny bit relieved but I still felt awkward and kind of confused now. Trace usually just stood there and blushed till he looked like a tomato. But I guessed it was for the best anyways.

'' Holy crap! '' Amanda shouted. I gasped and whipped around. '' What?! '' I demanded, startled. She was crouched over, her hands shaking. She lifted her her head and whispered, '' I- I felt this thing choking me... sorry it just scared me and I- I couldn't like see very well... ''

I bent down and hugged her. But I also felt chills run down my spine. I was almost having second thoughts now. This could be really dangerous for us.

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