My rant on the VMAs 2013...(May be offending to some other fandoms...)

Sorry if I offend. Please don't hate me if I do! :(

Chapter 1

So freaking mad right now...>:( (Warning: May be offending to Swifties)

Ok, so I know a lot of my friends on here love Taylor Swift. I personally like her music as well, but she was beyond disrespectful at the VMAs last night.

For those of you who don't know what happened, Taylor dissed Harry Styles yet AGAIN on LIVE TELIVISION!!! link: (You have to see Louis's face!)

First of all, that has to be one of the most embarrassing scenarios that a guy can think of, and it would also be quite hurtful to him personally and his image in the industry. If people think he is this "Bad boy" or "Heartbreaker" what do you think that will portray him as? A bad person. Which as most of us can see, he is clearly not. He is in fact one of the sweetest boys ever.

You could see by the look on his face that he was hurt. He tried to keep a smile but you could see it in his eyes that what she said really did hurt him. He has feelings! He's not just a toy you can throw away and make fun of. He is a human being who has the right to be mad/sad when someone publicly insults him, even though he never shows it, it hurts. Harry still even had the respect for he to clap. (How is that possible after that?)

What makes it even worse, it's not her first time either. (E.G. Grammys, 22 music video ect.) I'm really sorry Swifties but she needs to grow up. If she can't let a break-up go after more than half a year. (especially one that didn't even last 2 months) then she doesn't have the deserve to humiliate someone who wasn't even mean to her! I could understand if she did that to someone who was actually NOT kind to her. If that was the case, it would actually be pretty funny but not to someone who is like Harry.

I don't get why she can't realize that this is hurting HER image as well as Harry's. I have a feeling she is going to lose a lot of fans and fast because of this. No one likes someone who holds grudges, (over nothing) but not only that, she PUBLICLY insults them TO THEIR FACES!!!

Desperate, she is just so desperate to "Get back at him". It is clear that she is not over Harry, but Harry IS over her, so why can't she just let him go and leave him alone? She needs to get over it already, no one wants to hear her whining. It's not cute, it's not inspiring, it's just plain rude and annoying. I think one of the reasons she picks on Harry specifically is because she knows he won't fight back. She knows he's too sweet and too polite to get back at her. So that, in her eyes, make him an easy target. Who's being "Mean" now? Who's the "Trouble" now?

So sorry Swifties, but I felt this was necessary for my love and respect for Harry. If anyone's offended, please don't hate me, this is just my opinion on this event. Please tell me what you think about this either in the comments or you can always message me. Here's some funny things I thought of whilst writing this rant...

~I bet every directioner was hoping Louis would strut up onto that stage. Sassily take that award out of her undeserving hand, and sing "This belongs to HAAA-RRR-YYY!" then sashay off like the queen he is.

~Where was Kanye when you needed him?

~Please tell me I wasn't the only one screaming at my TV?

~Me watching the VMAs If she comes on my screen one more time, I swear, I'm going to punch a hole through the TV.

~Harry should write a song called "Maybe you're the problem..."

~I love how Louis was making his "I'm gonna kill you" face when she said that!!!

~If Harry EVER even insulted Taylor even in a TINY way, her album would be out the next day...

~I'm only 13 and I've had a longer relationship than Taylor Swift. I'm not even joking...

Love you guys lots!!! Please no hate! :)



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