everything i wanted to say to you...

this is to someone in my life that i miss and love very much :)

Chapter 1

i just wanted to say...

remember when you let me sleep on your shoulder? i wasn't really asleep so i could hear and feel everything you said and did, everything you said was heart melting...
remember how when you were teaching me how to skate you stole my shoes after you had just told me that i had to skate to them? remember how i slapped you after i put them on, and then i started crying cause i felt really bad?
i never told you but i love you... remember when you said you loved me but i ran out of the room because i got so overwhelmed with feelings, what i never told you is that i love you back, you are my every waking thought and it makes me mad that we are so far apart.
i actually cried on the plane ride home... now that im here i thought school was w going to distract me.. i was wrong...

i have a million things i want to say to you but i have to go now...



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