Quibblo Allstar- Finals

So here we go.

Chapter 1

The Results for Space

by: Cam12
So I decided to give the scores out because it might help decide who to put up:

Team 1:
Sorceress150: 60%
Hnardiello: 93%
darkxXxside: 93%
A_Small_Drop: 40%
Mellingsarah 80%:
Aleamellark: 86%
AwesomeOk1: 54%
Yutty: 40%

which adds up to the average: 60.666

Team 2:

Volleyballgirl527 60%
Blemarooney: 86%
Pinkeyfreckles 47%
Beingdauntless 43%
Missdracp_malfoy 67%
Nothing 54%
The Kit Kat Artisist
XX Baskerballkat XX 47%

Which adds up to: 57%

Alexis117: 47%
Cin86 67%
Angel_of_Music: 73%
Athletictitanfrom12: 67%

Which adds up to a total of: 36.285

So the winning team is team 1. Everyone on your team is safe this week. There is also a tie for the winning team so those two (darkxXxside and hnardiello) get to decide who to put up together. darkxXxside gets to pick a nominee and then hnardiello gets to pick the other. and darkxXxside you get to pick the replacement nominee who you will privately message me about. I need your choices ASAP thank you.

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