Perfection Is Possible

Perfection Is Possible

Sandra doesn't want to go on with life. She's missed two years of school thanks to her never-ending depression. Her parents, who can't take her anymore, send her off to a rather strange boarding school. She has almost no problem adapting to the new school, and each day, she improves as a person. But... At what cost?

Andrea Young feels uncomfortable in her own skin, as she's different from most 14-year-old girls. How far will she go to change that?

Chapter 1

Unusual- First Part of Introduction

by: FerSure
There was something odd about today.

I began to think, the air was humid, hot and hard to breathe as always. The house was dirty and it reeked of humidity, as always. Everything was out of place: the clothes on the hallways, with the several toys I had left there to rot ages ago. It was evident no one had time to fix the home a bit. It was because cleaning wasn't one of our priorities. We never got much visitors, therefore it made no actual sense to sacrifice our valuable time to clean up.

I wondered, what was it that made today such a strange day for me? Father left early in the morning for his job, and mother was downstairs, probably passing her time reading those old newspapers she's saved for years. You could say she's crazy, but for a crazy person, she's got herself quite controlled. I've seen her smile and cry, but I've never seen her trying to kill herself or writing a dumb, long and barely legible suicide note.

"Are you alright up there, love? Are you thirsty or hungry?" She asks me. Of course, it's that time.

"I'm fine." I shout back at her, with the little power my voice has.

I finally have figured out what I sensed: it's happiness.

I know it may sound strange when you first hear it, but in my house, no one is truly ever happy. The state of our emotions reflects on the appearance of the house. And mother was happy, because, it's almost August, which means, back to school.

Like the last two years, she wonders if I want to go back to school this one.

"If you need anything, I'm free." She tells me. Oh, of course, she's never like this. Usually, my presence bothers her. If it does, I wonder why she even adopted me in the first place. Why did they? They hate me, and it's clear. Just as clear as the fact that I'm adopted. Father is a dark-skinned, tall man and mother is a woman with brown hair and beautiful green eyes, and all my siblings resembled her. I was the outcast, the blonde with the blue eyes. The usual combination. I sighed, and went back to my book. I've read this one three times already, but I can't go to the library and buy more. Just the shame of thinking that I'll meet someone I knew and they'll ask me Are you okay, love, I heard you tried to kill yourself.

It was two years ago, I wish people would move on! It's the whole reason I've quit school, I don't go out and I don't have friends. I'll be always known in this town as "the girl who tried to cut her veins in class" and sadly, failed.

She was in my room, I could feel it. She closed the door and turned of the television, which I paid no attention to. She sat behind me in the small, twin bed and told me "Sandra, are you going back to school this year?"

I didn't take my eyes off the page and simply answered her with a "No."

"Mrs. Ramirez told me Bea misses you." Hypocrite. I remember she was the same one that came to the hospital with a cake in the form of a razor for my brithday.

"Bea hated me."

"Well of course, if you're so intimidating. You just quit whatever you don't like, you do as you please! Life isn't like that, Sandra. You have to learn to face it."

"I don't want to learn to face it."

"Oh, that's why you tried to end your life, isn't it?"

She did it. She always does it. We can never talk with it ending badly. I lifted my body off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. At first, she couldn't catch up but when she realized it, she was knocking on the door like a maniac.

"Sandra, please open that door!" She screamed. Like I cared, I never did. I searched the bathroom for something that could cut. The most I could find was an old, wooden pencil but by then, my mother had broken down the door and was inside, hugging me and kissing my head.

"Are you fine?" I could feel her hot tears go down my bare shoulder. She grabbed my wrists and checked them. Clean. She hugged me tighter.

"I'm sorry, love, I never meant any of that." She told me. It was sad how it hurt her more than me.

"Sandra? Please, say something." She said, when she saw my expressionless face. "Oh darling, you don't know how much I wish you could smile once again."

I took a good look in the mirror that stood in front of us. It was so evident I was the adopted child. She was tall, beautiful and fit. I was just average, your average person. My once-beautiful eyes were now surrounded by black circles I owed to all the sleepless nights and my face had several scars from the times I went crazy and let my nails get to it. I broke that mirror seven years ago. I was a child, eight, and playing hide-and-seek with my older sister, Drea. They said breaking a mirror will bring you bad luck. Maybe that damned thing was the birth of my terrible luck and wish to die.

"Sandra, please come out." Drea said. It was her last day home, tomorrow she was off to university. Oh, how time passed. I still remember Drea as the mischievous eleven-year-old that used mother's bras as a hat. Now, she was so mature. She was a woman, leaving to make a life and family of her own.

"What's it?" I ask. I have to judge if it's important or not before I decide to take action. The stool I'm sitting in already has the shape of my body, it's so comfortable. I don't want to stand up from here.

"It's important" She says, she already knows my system. I get up from the comfortable stool, exit the small, crowded kitchen and go out, to the front yard. The bright light hurts my eyes at first, but then they get accustomed. The house was a completely different story from the outside. It was painted with a beautiful combination of colours, the windows seemed tidy, the grass was cut low and green and there were no weeds.

The first thing I spot is the attractive guy standing next to Drea. Even though she's tall, he towers over her. Maybe her boyfriend. He wears a beautiful uniform, a navy blue jacket over a white shirt, perfectly ironed as the rest of his uniform. His black shoes seem new and shiny.

"Pleased to meet you." He took my hand and kissed it. I blushed like a maniac. It made my heart beat in a strange way too. Was this what teens called a crush. it was a strange, disgusting yet somehow, pleasant feeling in my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I had crushes on characters from books but I had never been this close to a guy in two years, other than father and my younger brother, Benjamin.

"Drea..." I told her, making an expression that said "explain". As beautiful as it seemed, it was quite strange to have a handsome boy in front of your house.

"I'm sorry, Sandra. Mother begged me. You're going back to school." She told me. I knew it would happen. I was a nuisance for her. I just blinked, hard, in an attempt to hold back the tears.

"I don't want to go. They'll make fun of me, Drea."

"You're not going back to your old school. You're going to mine."

"To yours?" I replied, with a tone of voice I never remember using. The surprise in my voice was evident. I had never considered the possibility of going to Drea's school. It was a "rich kid" school, and it wasn't even worth it to pay for my education: I was never smart.

"This is Greg Holland, he's a senior. He will help you with school." She said.

"Wait, Andrea." He said, as he stuck his hand in his pocket. "She needs the necklace."

The emphasis he put in to that last word scared me. What was with the necklace, was it something to identify new students? I felt his hands go around my neck, then he gently placed the light necklace on it. I looked down: it was a strange one. It was a circle with random lines inside of it, in gold.

"I have one too." Greg said, maybe he felt my confusion. He unbuttoned the first button of his shirt and pulled out a necklace exactly the same as mine. I wondered what it was.

Drea looked at me with cold eyes. Wasn't it what she did for me? She tied my short, thin hair in a small ponytail. She hugged me, and opened the door of a car I hadn't noticed. I got on the backseat, Greg drove. I feel dumb, for getting on the same car as a stranger. When I stopped to think about it, I just wondered... What?

"I bet you have a ton of questions, I'm sorry this must be all so strange for you. I'm sorry." He said.

I remained silent, and looked out the window.

"You're shy. Don't worry, Drea was exactly the same."

My legs were crossed. I remembered I was wearing sweatpants and a loose shirt when I left, and I felt the embarrassment. I was a blob, compared to him. I looked out the window, decided to get my mind off it. And that was how the beginning of my curse was.

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