Until Death Do We Part(My First Group Story!)

Chapter 1


I am dead. Literally. I died five years ago when I was leading the rebellion. Someone had poisoned my food. Same with Simone. I was in the cafeteria of the rebellion, talking with friends. Across the room Simone stood up, then fell down on the floor. Everyone started freaking out. I started feeling a bit weak.
"HE'S DEAD!" I heard someone shout.
I slid off my chair and onto the floor. I saw Elia stand over me. She started shaking my shoulders and yelling at me to get up. I knew I was dieing. I wanted to say goodbye. I couldn't mustter up.the energy to say it. I took my last breath,and everything went black. That was five years ago.
Something wet was poured into my face. I was alive. I could feel myself growing back to what I looked like. I could feel my hair growing back. Then I could see. The sky was blue. It was cloudy. Then my mouth grew back. I gasped door air. I sat up. It felt like I had just taken a long sleep. Simone was standing there, along with Elia and Wendy, who was holding an empty bottle.
Then there was a soft fluffy thing curling up on my lap. I looked down. My cat Fifi was sitting up on my lap. I looked back up when I heard a dog barking loudly. It was my guard dog Bruno. He jumped into the grave and started licking my face. He's so cute when he does this. I picked up Fifi and stopped Bruno from licking me, and I stood up and got out of the grave. I was stumbling around. I hadn't walked for who knows how long, so I'm surprised that I even got up.
Elia came up and hugged me. I hugged back. There were a few tears coming out of my eyes. She looked so much bigger.
"Elia, I missed you so much." I said.
"I know." Elia said.

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