When YourGothicNightmare (Shannon) is returning!

Okay everyone, as you've heard Shannon has left for a few months but a 'few' months only! don't panic though as she is gonna return soon enough! I assure you of that as i've talked to her last night and just now. She's doing absolutely fine and i wish 'certain' people you know whom i'm talking about. The one's who have been attacking her over her religious beliefs are the ones who pushed her to go. This isn't a church guys, this is quibblo a quiz site. Keep it in prospective please.

Chapter 1

Why Shannon Left.

Shannon will return! but the over hyped religious bullies on here need to lay off! now Shannon has left they're coming onto me. What you need to realise is not everyone in this world is christian or will have the same beliefs as you, accept the fact. It doesn't define a person as you may think, and bullying them into a religion you worship isn't the way to go either.


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