Sarah Marie Linn (A SlenderMan Story)

Chapter 1

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The slenderman. That is my name. Der Rifter… Grosse man… All of those are my name. I am known for them, but there are a few things that the slenderman isn't known for…. and that… is my past. I can't really recall ever being physically born… I guess I wasn't. Of course not… I am not human. Not even close…. Not normal…

People were afraid of me. They treated me differently and I got sick of it. I began hiding amongst the trees… they were the tallest things around. I began to notice how in humans, the children were much more innocent. When adults saw me… they would run or try to hurt me in defense… but children if they didn't scream or cry, they innocently came towards me…

Though I do remember this one little girl… Sarah Marie Linn was her name. What a kind little soul… She never had any friends. She was socially awkward and liked things like bugs… She wasn't like the other little girls so she got made fun of. It was almost amazing how this one little child didn't run from me… and apparently, for a while she… was my… friend. She wasn't afraid … she didn't give me funny looks or yell at me like them… But, what i didn't know was that this so called "friendship" would end in… quite a messy fashion...

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