Group story I'm thinking about creating. (authors chosen)

Look down please.

Chapter 1

explanation and sign up sheet

Okay here we go.

So this is a story that is in a way about 5 hero's. You can sign up with either a power (invisibility, flying, weather powers, ect...) or as a mystical creature (vampire, werewolf, witch, ect...) you choice. They all have to be in High School. After the characters are chosen we can talk more about the plot and stuff because I really want to have people who are writing with me to put in some of their ideas too. This WILL NOT be a "first come first serve" okay. I would also like a variety of characters if you don't mind.

Okay, sign up sheet time.

Gender: (please I would like to have at least 1 boy)
Appearence: (here I would like not only looks, but also how other people view the person)
Personality: (try not to contradict the personalities so don't go she/he is shy, calm, hot-headed, and very sweet to everyone. Okay?)
Year of High School/Age: (both please)
Crush: (you don't have to, but if you want to)
Other: (here you can put family members, things your character likes to do, people who know of your characters power, how your character discovered their power, ect...)

Please try to help other people visualize your character.

My character:
Name: Amanda Johnson
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long brown hair that reaches to her back, caramel skin, chestnut brown eyes, 5 ft. 6 inches, others view her a person who doesn't care what others think and will stand up for what she believes in
Personality: A go with the flow kind of person, she is almost always smiling (even if she doesn't mean it), loves her mom's motto "hope for the best, plan for the worst", she doesn't really talk a whole lot on the outside, but she tends to have a lot of inner talkings (meaning she'll have conversations with herself in her head)
Year of High School/Age: 3rd year of High School and is 16
Power/Creature: Can control water
Friend(s): One friend named Mark Logan (if someone wants to turn him into a one of the super hero's you can)
Crush: No one really
Other: single child, hard working parents, Amanda loves reading and singing, no one knows about her power, she discovered it when she was taking a shower and it suddenly turned hot and in the end froze the water

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