Berserkergirl's Challenges.

Ok. So Basically....Berserkergirl challenges her friends to a bunch of challenges..and I decided..that I'm going to complete them so....yeah. This is going to be interesting. To see the list of challenges..then click the following link. It has all 19 challenges. Should have been 20. 20 is an even number...I like even numbers....

Chapter 1

My Backwords Story

.retupmoc eht ta peels gnillaf yllaretil ma I .thgin ta etal yllaer ekil shit gnitirw ma I...trohs os si shit fi yrroS .egnellahc shit fo tniop eht saw taht tuB .sdrawkcab si shit wonk I seY .wons eht ni yalp ot ekil I .niar eht ni yalp ot ekil I .nuf hcum os si tI .edistuo yalp ot ekil I

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