Snow White, Japan (A Hetalia Fairytale)

Yo everyone to this story of Japan as the fairest of them all, Snow White.

7 Dwarves: Italy (Feliciano), Germany (Ludwig), America (Alfred), Canada (Matthew), France (Francis), Russia (Ivan), England (Arthur)
Evil Queen: China (Yao Wang)
Prince Charming: Taiwan (Xiao Mei)
And beautiful Snow White: Japan (Honda Kiku)

Inspired by Sound Horizon, Marchen CD: The Girl of the Glass Coffin

Chapter 4

Kiku the Maid

When they returned home, the 7 Men of the Mine were curious & concerned by the warm glow & clean appearance of their cottage. What had happened in their day absence? They quickly shuffled inside from the cold, welcomed by the smell of dinner & the warmth of the fire.

“Ve~ It’s-a so nice in here!”
“Why is it like this?”
“Ah! Over there, on the bed!”
“Da~ That’s my bed~”

The 7 men surrounded the sleeping man, wondering why he was there. They spoke to each other of what he may be. Thief or murderer, innocent or runaway? None of them knew. The smallest of them gave a cheer at an idea.

“Ve! Maybe we should wake him!”
“How? He’s deeply sleeping, dude!” the loudest protested.
“How about we hit him with my pickaxe, da~?” the scariest smiled childly.
“W-we can’t d-do that!” the quietest squeaked.
“We could use magic!” the solitary man tried.
“Ve must be logical!” the gruffest snapped.
“How about a kiss from a princess? It’ll wake him~” the lustful man smiled.
“Oh! That could work!” the others chimed. “But where do we get a Princess?!”
“How about us instead?” the smallest asked. “We’re as good as a Princess or Prince!”

Without any (or much) complaining, they puckered up their best kiss & leaned forward to give a kiss to the sleeping man, but he had woken & sat up. The lot of them blushed red at how awkward it had become.

“N-nani?!” the Prince quivered. “Who are you?!”
“We are--” and they spoke their names in unison, making it very confusing.
The Prince put up a hand. “Prease, one at a time!”
“Feliciano! Ludwig. ALFRED!! Matthew. Francis~ Arthur. Ivan~”
“Prince Kiku.”

The men around him were quite surprised by a Prince in their house & asked many questions (as would anyone if you were in that situation!), getting simple answers from him. The Prince smiled after a while, knowing the 7 men around him meant no harm & were very funny. But, the smile wore off as the Prince worked up some courage to ask them something important.

“I would rike to stay…” Kiku finally spoke. “…If it is not a bother.”
The men looked at each other before Ludwig spoke: “You may, but you must clean & cook for us.”

Kiku nodded & smiled once more. The men cheered in joy as Kiku began to make them dinner.

~~~ At the Palace ~~~

Yao paced his room, fear lining his face. He had many things on his mind, many things he was frightened of. Did he have to kill his son? Did he die horribly or peacefully? What if someone kidnapped him? The mirror watched the Emperor, before finally speaking up.

“Your majestic grace?”
“AIYAHH!!” the Emperor jumped at the sudden noise.
“My deepest apology.”
“You will be unhappy.”

At that moment, the huntsman burst through the doors & knelt before the Emperor. He presented Yao with a carved wooden box containing the heart of the Prince. Yao quickly opened the box, fearful & amused, but was quick to realise it was but a deer heart.

He glared at the huntsman. “You dare deceive me?!”
“Uh… n-no, your majestic grace!”
“This is a deer heart. Not the heart of my child!” Yao threw the bow & heart at the man, storming to the window. “Idiots!!”

The huntsman slinked away with a whimper of apology. Yao stared out the window as twilight approached, his thoughts clearing & mysterious. The mirror could only worry more.

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