Snow White, Japan (A Hetalia Fairytale)

Yo everyone to this story of Japan as the fairest of them all, Snow White.

7 Dwarves: Italy (Feliciano), Germany (Ludwig), America (Alfred), Canada (Matthew), France (Francis), Russia (Ivan), England (Arthur)
Evil Queen: China (Yao Wang)
Prince Charming: Taiwan (Xiao Mei)
And beautiful Snow White: Japan (Honda Kiku)

Inspired by Sound Horizon, Marchen CD: The Girl of the Glass Coffin

Chapter 3

Betrayal of the Father

Since before Kikus’ birth, Yao had become a strong Emperor, with vast riches & lands beyond count. Yao had wanted very much an heir to his empire, but had begun forming a shell around himself since seeing the dreadful reality that was fated to come upon him soon. Kiku had noticed his fathers’ uneasy aura, especially of late, & tried very hard to soothe his elder anyway he could, to no true success.

“Father, you seem distracted.”
Yao looked up from his map. “Do I?”
“Hai. You work here many hours.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, I just have much to do, is all, Kiku!”

Yao smiled broadly at his son, leading him from the war room & into the dining hall. Kiku & Yao sat down to a warm & homely meal, before Kiku went out for training. Yao returned to the war room, but detoured to ask his mirror a rather vain question:

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the strongest Emperor of us all?”
“You, all powerful Emperor!” the mirror replied.

This was always the reply, but as of late, the mirror had grown sceptical. Kiku had nearly mastered his sword skills, and made good company of everyone, though shy and distant in things. Yao saw that with each day, each swing of the sword, Kiku seemed to be winning over the mirrors decisions. This was unsatisfactory.
Finally, the day came that the mirror could not say the words Yao always wished to hear, instead, Kiku had grown into the most powerful Emperor. Yao was furious, refusing to listen to his trusted treasure continue speaking, storming out to find how this could be reversed.

“Master!” the mirror shouted out after Yao. “You must not act out of anger! It will seal this fate!”

But he was too far gone to hear the pleas of the mirror. Yaos’ rage seemed to cast a shadow over the castle, even the Prince found himself unnaturally uneasy that moment as his father approached him. Yao wore a smile all to fake to ease his sons’ feeling.

“Kiku, my child, how about we go for a walk in the woods.”
Kiku smiled, slowly calming. “T-that would be nice.”
“We go then!”

Yao took his sons’ hand & for a moment, his mind drifted to a time he held the hand with utter love & protection, feeling an ache deep inside his chest. Yao pushed it away with thoughts of his impending doom, leading Kiku to the horses & then to the forest with his best hunter.
Kiku felt something was dreadfully wrong, but spoke not a word, watching his father & the hunter with curiosity, alert for any trouble. Yao looked only forward, keeping his mind & eyes from wandering to his son, a weakness he could not afford.
When they had arrived at a clearing in the woods, Yao & Kiku began talking & admiring the beauty of the forest, thinking of the other. To break the silence, a messenger approached & gave Yao a letter of urgency.

“I must return, but please stay here for some fresh air. I know you like it!”
“I… I do. Arigatou gozaimasu.”

Yao nodded & rode away on his horse, leaving his son in the woodland with his hunter. Kiku turned to some flowers & gently picked some, unaware of the hunter standing over him, until he heard the unmistakable ‘shing’ of a blade. Kiku spun around, catching the wrist of his attacker & toppling him off balance. He pinned the hunter to the ground, weapons far from reach.

“What are you doing?” Kikus’ frown was frighteningly serious. “Terr me.”
“It was the Emperor! He wants you dead for fear you will destroy him & his Empire!”
Kiku raised an eyebrow, slowly getting off the man. “Go. I do not fear him.”

The man ran to his horse & was gone within the minute. Kiku looked around the clearing, before heading off into the woods to escape his fathers’ wrath. He cleared his head & found himself in a dark, shielded part of the woods, a small stream close by. Following the babbling of water, Kiku came across a beautifully balanced clearing of shade & sun, a small cottage sticking out from a small cliff.
Upon closer inspection, the place was deserted. The windows were dirty & the small gardens were overgrown & full of weeds. Carefully, Kiku wiped away some dirt & took a peek inside. Simply more mess of residence gone for at least a few days. The door was unlocked, so the Prince invited himself inside for shelter.

“What a horribre mess” he mumbled, examining the place. “Oh werr.”

At once, he set off with a new chore: cleaning. He dusted, put away & arranged everything out of place. The place, at least inside, looked like someone lived there once more. Satisfied with the clean cottage, Kiku went to the weed-ridden gardens to find any food to eat or stew. There wasn’t very much, just the stray apple, potato or cabbage. As the stew boiled over the warm fire, Kiku decided to tke a short rest to preserve his energy. He had enough food to feed a few people, but there was only Kiku, or was there?

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