Snow White, Japan (A Hetalia Fairytale)

Yo everyone to this story of Japan as the fairest of them all, Snow White.

7 Dwarves: Italy (Feliciano), Germany (Ludwig), America (Alfred), Canada (Matthew), France (Francis), Russia (Ivan), England (Arthur)
Evil Queen: China (Yao Wang)
Prince Charming: Taiwan (Xiao Mei)
And beautiful Snow White: Japan (Honda Kiku)

Inspired by Sound Horizon, Marchen CD: The Girl of the Glass Coffin

Chapter 2

Prince Kiku

Kiku grew into a very handsome young man, though his monotone and traditional ways stayed with him all the way. Yao forgot all about his horrifying dream and loved his son more than any father in the whole world. He tried spoiling the boy with rich & fancy clothes, shoes, toys, treats and foods, but Kiku sought only for the simple things.

"He is not interested in the expensive things I buy, just simple gifts" Yao proudly smiled at his mirror. "A good king he will be."
"You mean when you are overthrown~?"
Yao stared in confusion & worry at the mirror. "What do you mean?"
"Your dream is no dream, but a future reality."

Yao stepped away from the Shinatty-chan mirror in utter fright. It couldn't be true. He ran out to find his son, nearly tripping on his robes several times before, finally, doing so & landing in Kiku's arms.

"You should not be lunning in those."
"I--" Yao gulped & stood himself up, blushing. "I was worried for you!"
Kiku tilted his head. "Nani?"
"Are you alright?"

Kiku nodded, monotone as normal. Yao checked him twice over, before becoming calm & satisfied.

"Good. I had bad feeling is all."

Yao smiled, bowed & left to wander his gardens of magnificent flowers & shady tress. He had nothing to worry about, his mirror had made a mistake is all, but... It never made a mistake!
He stopped and stared into nothing for a while, as if someone had frozen him, his mind wandering to terrible possibilities and hope. It was the strangest thing any of the servants and guards had seen their Emperor do. Kiku wandered after him, in question after his fathers' strange feeling, waking the man from his trance.

"What are you doing?"
"Hm? Oh, I'm, uh, meditating."
Kiku blinked. "May I join?"
Yao smiled bright. "Of course."

They sat down together in silence and meditated for a long while, from early morning to midday. Yao opened his eyes, that had grown heavy, to peer at his focused son. Kiku didn't notice him, his mind focused, body still. Yao felt both at ease and nervous by the calm position.

"Nani?" Kiku opened his eyes slowly, voice quiet like water. "Is something wrong?"
"No, no, I was just admiring you."

Kiku's eyes widened in surprise, before he smiled a small smile, but happy nonetheless.

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