Snow White, Japan (A Hetalia Fairytale)

Yo everyone to this story of Japan as the fairest of them all, Snow White.

7 Dwarves: Italy (Feliciano), Germany (Ludwig), America (Alfred), Canada (Matthew), France (Francis), Russia (Ivan), England (Arthur)
Evil Queen: China (Yao Wang)
Prince Charming: Taiwan (Xiao Mei)
And beautiful Snow White: Japan (Honda Kiku)

Inspired by Sound Horizon, Marchen CD: The Girl of the Glass Coffin

Chapter 1

Daughter of Mine?

Yao paced the corridor, waiting for his baby daughter to arrive. He had prepared for her arrival for months, waiting for the Stork to deliver her. He quickly checked the room once more, before hurrying to his own. He looked in his magic Shinatty-chan mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me where this Stork is?!"
"Hmm... Soon~"

Yao fumed in anger at the bluntness of the Mirror, but what stopped him destroying it wasn't the fact it was his most prized possession; it was the flapping of wings. Yao ran to his daughters room & burst open the door to the sound of a whimpering baby. His delight was sky high when he discovered a little boy in the cot, his brown eyes wide & teary.

"Aiyah, you are so cute!" he smiled, taking the baby into his arms. "I call you Kiku, because you so cute!"
The baby looked at him with monotone expression.
"Very cute, indeed!"

Yao cradled the little baby boy for as long as his arm would allow, before putting him down to sleep in the pink cradle. This no annoyed Yao because it was not the right colours for his little Kiku. He would have to start re-colouring quickly for his precious child.
Quickly, Yao fled to his room and retrieved his Shinatty-chan mirror to help him fix the disgraceful room. In one quick flick, the room was fit for any boy, especially a Prince. Yao sat on a comfy chair to wait for his son to wake, falling asleep before he could hold him at once.
But all was not well in Yao’s dreams: he dreamed that his son would be more than him, betray him in a horrible way. Yao woke in fright and looked over at Kiku, smiling and rejecting the dream when he saw the curious child reaching for the jewelled mobile.

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