Eighth Grade Experiences

Not a sevie anymore! XD

Chapter 1

Bus and Walking Into the School

Alright, so on the bus, I was surrounded by guys. Yep, immature, annoying boys who talked about inappropriate things. Every time I tried to say hi to someone or something, no one would acknowledge my presence! I don't know if it's because the boys were talking so loudly about how to "get ladies with long, striped socks" and whatever, or people were ignoring me... :/

And here's another embarrassing moment of mine for ya: as I walked to school on the sidewalk that led from the bus curb to the school, I was happily humming a song in my head. Keep in mind the fact that I was wearing flats, meaning it should have been easy for me to walk. Yet, I still tripped and almost fell flat on my face on the concrete if I hadn't caught myself in time... O.O

TT (Homeroom)

Even though my homeroom teacher is also my algebra teacher, he's still kind of funny! When I'm nervous, I do two main things:

1) Sweat
2) Laugh at every single thing as if it's the funniest thing in the world.

So, even though my teacher cracked cheesy jokes, I had to hold back a LOT of laughter. Meaning, I was extremely nervous!


Anyone have that moment where you see your crush from last year for the first time in three months and you can't help but think that they're kinda cute? Because I did a lot of staring at him today and passed it off as watching our principal pace in between the 7th and 8th grade groups... Anyways, from the staring and cheering, I learned that my (I guess he's not an old crush anymore) crush is on the same team as me! :D Not like he's going to notice me, but whatever, a girl can dream. ;)

4th Period - Algebra

Due to our really messed up schedule today, they had us go to fourth period first, because we have lunch during that period. Lunch is split up into the three groups, 1st Lunch, 2nd Lunch, and 3rd Lunch. 1st Lunch eats lunch before fourth period, then goes to class. 2nd lunch goes through half of fourth period, eats lunch, then does the other half. 3rd Lunch eats after fourth period.

Basically, I'm 2nd Lunch, so we spent half an hour in algebra, learning more about our teacher and each other, then we ate lunch. Once we got back, our teacher told us that we had a pre-assessment tomorrow. Joy. The second day of school and we'll be getting tested. Luckily, it's not graded, but wish me luck! :)

1st Period - Graphics/Energy

Our teacher is a fat, old guy who I can hardly understand. He talks in a boring tone, and since his classroom is also the metal shop, the room is freezing cold and filled with heavy equipment that can cut off your arm in less than five minutes.

But the old guy isn't the real problem. It's the people in the class. There are 19 boys... and 5 girls! FIVE! Actually, five is more than I expected, but I didn't expect so many guys!! This is going to be a long year...

2nd Period - Ad. Social Studies

So, class started off with our teacher pacing near the front on the room, murmuring about how this will be a great year. He turns to us and says, "I know that this is going to be a great year, I just know it," then, he suddenly turned to my friend and shouted "BECAUSE ERIN IS IN THE HOUSE!" You should've seen Erin, she screamed and jumped right out of her seat!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you shouldn't sit in the front row of the classroom when you first enter.

3rd Period - Ad. English

What I got from the class period that lasted 15 minutes, (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 periods all lasted only 15 minutes) was that my teacher is an over-enthusiastic, peppy person; naturally, we hit-it-off pretty well. When we entered the classroom, without saying anything, she pointed to the board, and we read the instructions on how to figure out where to sit. After successfully doing so in less than five minutes, all 29 students were applauded by our sweet teacher.

She seems like a great person, so I think I'll really enjoy this class this year. :)

5th Period - Spanish I

Remember how I talked about my crush earlier? Well, it turns out, he's in this class with me... I didn't make the best impression by tripping on a chair, but hopefully, he didn't see it. Anyway, this guy named Dylan (who I can't stand, but is friends with my crush) is also in it.

The teacher went, "What are some other ways of saying goodbye in Spanish?"

And someone said, "Ciao!"

The teacher agreed, and suddenly, Dylan stood up, causing his chair to tip over and fall, and he shouted, "Ciao is Chinese!"

Like, seriously? -.- I would maybe think Italian, but Chinese...

6th Period - Ad. Science

Let's start by saying, the teacher is an old, monotone man that is obsessed with the Packers. Practically every inch is covered in something Packers related, and I only saw one or two science posters. And, he's been working at that school for 37 years! That's almost as long as it's been up! Even though the class period was pretty quiet, I still got a horrible headache from all of the cold temperatures in the various classrooms. Ugh, I'm going to have to start wearing sweaters to school or something...

7th Period - P.E.

So, I know I this 7th grader named Caroline, and we're pretty close. This class period mostly consisted of me talking to her, and her ranting to me. She ranted because my friend, Jack (an 8th grader) winked at her. She didn't know that he did it just to freak her out, so it was hilarious to see her screaming about it! XD

Bus Ride Home

I thought my bus number was 28, so after school, I practically walked a mile pacing up and down the bus curb. I finally took a look at my bus pass, and my bus ended up being number 82! Luckily, I didn't miss it, but wow...

Okay, I'm pretty tired after today, and usually, it'll be worse than this. So, I'm going to have to cut down on my Quibblo hours, so please try not to flood my inbox, guys! Anyways, my bus ride home was mostly my friend Naomi talking o me about how her new puppy peed on her parents' bed. Yeah, I'm tired, so I'm ending this here. Hopefully, you enjoyed; see you guys later, and thanks for reading! :)

~ Lexi :)

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