Individual Shout Outs

Chapter 1


Of course as you all probably knew, Delilah would be first, since she is at the very top of my friend's list. Delilah and I spend hours on end every single day talking talking talking. She can always make me laugh and smile, and she's literally the sweetest kindest most wonderful person in the world. Whenever we're together, it's just too awesome, we have the best time just laughing about silly things, and talking about boys and such. She is so beautiful, and wonderful, and any jerk butt guy that turns Delilah down is just stupid and idiotic, because Delilah is the perfect girl for any guy to have, she's sweet, caring, and beautiful. (And you know guys like their girls to be beautiful.) She always knows how to get me laughing, even when I'm in a bad mood, and just hearing her voice always makes me feel better. She's the only person in the world I can trust with most of my secrets, the things I tell no one else, I keep nothing from Delilah. We make the best team, and always work together, and hardly ever fight, but on that rare occasion when we do, we can always laugh it off. Delilah is just the most wonderful person, and deserves lots and lots of friends, so please friend her, you will not regret it. Oh, and Delilah, GK!!!!!!!! :)

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