Words of Death(poem)

A grim poem XD

Chapter 1

Poisoned wind...

Darkened skies above our eyes,
Dust on sides and lots of lies
Fear and terror in inside
I'm off of this world,
Now.. Goodbye!...

Your voice is killing me,
It's rising my anger
Unleashing the demon of terror
That controls my behaviour,
Your words of death
Have rippened my soul
My hearts bleeding
I'm hearing my echo..
I don't wanna hear
Your voice anymore
You brought me to decay
Now off you go!

You say that your sick
But I say that I'm fine
I'm dying with tears in my eyes
Your words of death
Are killing me...
And all that I see
It's a ruined destiny.....

Death has took my soul into skies
I will now haunt you every night,
Your sleeps will be poisoned
Your mind will be too,
I'm sick of this world
So you'll be too!

You say that it hurts
But I don't care
I'm poisoning your body
That's why I'm here.

My shadow is bringing fear
My soul brings you death
So forgive me my dear
But I must confess...
That this world...
Is just a mess..


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