Half-Blood Love

Half-Blood Love

HEYYY SO THIS IS ABOUT A LOVE STORY BETWWEN LEO VALDEZ (my fave character in the heros of olympus seires) AND MEEEE (or u...idc!) SO YEA... HOPE U ENJOY!!

Chapter 3

A-A Man Horse!?

by: Gitu
I woke up on a couch with a wet cloth on my forehead.

I blinked a little and tried to off.

The green blanket on me slid off a little.

I grabbed the wet cloth and put it on a table next to me.

On the table we're some papers and an empty glass with a spoon in it. Little drops of what looked like apple juice we're on the cup.

My throat was burning and my mouth tasted like....Kit Kat!?

"So....You finally woke up, eh?"

I quickly moved my neck towards the noise. It was that boy i saw last time...

"You we're out cold.... I had to give you nectar like every 2 hours!" Wait what...., I thought. WHAT THE HECK IS NECTAR?!

"Hey... you okay?", he said with a worried face.

"W-who are you!!!??", I said as he got closer to me. I didn't mean to be so mean...but... I had no idea what was going on.

He backed away a little, stunned.

Then all of a sudden a man with a big, sturdy beard came in. But not just any man. A man...who's lower body was, instead of legs, we're four big brown, HAIRY legs!!!

My eyes grew wider. It was- It was....A MAN-HORSE!!!!

XX Hey everyone!! Hope you <3 my story! Thanx!! BYE!! XX

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