Half-Blood Love

Half-Blood Love

HEYYY SO THIS IS ABOUT A LOVE STORY BETWWEN LEO VALDEZ (my fave character in the heros of olympus seires) AND MEEEE (or u...idc!) SO YEA... HOPE U ENJOY!!

Chapter 1

Gray Eyes Girl

by: Gitu
I remember running to a sign that read "Camp-Half Blood". It was a bright sunny day when i ran in sweating. A girl with blonde hair rushed up to me.

As she got closer, I noticed she had gray eyes. "Hey! Are you okay!?". she asked. I wasn't paying attention to her; I was too busy gasping for breath.

As i tried to straighten up, I saw a boy looking at me, past the girl with gray eyes. The boy had a wide grin on his face and his chocolate brown eyes lit up He had black, curly, messy hair and whitish skin.

Woah....,I thought. He waved at me and i tried to smile.A hand waved past my eyes."Wah!..." I said. It was the gray eyes girl trying to get my attention.

"Are you alright!?", she asked in concern.I tried to say yes, but the area started to turn blank.

I remembered the black haired boy running up to me and the gray eyes girl trying to help me.

I fell.............


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