Infernal Devices Character Poems

I was bitten by the creativity bug a few months ago and it spawned some character poems. There inadvertently turned out to be one that takes place in each book so they'll be in that order.

Just in case you didn't know, character poems are poems written from a single character's point of view.

Chapter 1

William Herondale ~ Clockwork Angel ~ "Don't"

She brings me to life
And I burn, I bleed
She tears at the walls
And I smother myself, watch the smoke
In my reflection in her eyes
Every day is a turn of the knife
Do they or don't they?
Each breath they take, each step is my answer.
I have lived with this
Knowing I can never love, be loved
Knowing I must make them hate me
I must force their hand
And I hate it
A wise girl once wrote
"If no one cares for you at all
do you even really exist?"
Here is that girl before me
And she is right
I don't exist, not fully
Not wholly
Here she is before me
And she is different:
She makes me whole
I want her, desperately
To taste her again
To feel her name roll
Off my tongue like a bell, ringing:
She comes first in my heart.
She is beautiful
And she is perfect
She is perfect but I must break her
Because I can never love, be loved
And it's only a matter of time before things catch up to us.
Another turn of the knife.
I must make her like Them...
She is perfect and I am broken
Tired of breaking everyone else
Now it's her turn
It's all too easy, to shatter the glass
Love is a fragile creature
Easily born yet easily snuffed
I can crush it in my hand, like this;
I watch her go, scatter the pieces
Have I done wrong?
For if I am broken and so is she
Couldn't we just swap shards
Of our hearts
Then glue us back together?
No. I was right.
Another turn of the knife.
I feel myself fading; I'm losing myself
But I can still feel a spark
Just waiting to catch
I must bury it down, pull out the mask
Pretend like I've never seen her before
And I don't love her
After all, the feeling would be mutual.
Another turn of the knife.

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