an eye opener

this is somethings i learned yesterday that i would like to share to all of you.

Chapter 1


yesterday, i just found out that my friend's grandmother had died and that was the reason why he was so down this past few days... i was like, ... completely shocked because he really loves his grandma... and i felt so insensitive towards him... i just bluntly asked him why he was like that ... and i never thought about his feelings... why is it an eye opener? hahaha... im afraid of dying... dying is like my worst nightmare... i dont want to die yet... i dont know why... i just want to keep on living... and when you ask me why... i dont know what am i gonna answer... do i need a reason to live? can i just live and be happy? the death of my friend's grandmother.. and the death of the other people around me made me think that " hey, you can die anytime" where will i end up when i die? what will happen to me? surely... on my current way of living... i will never end up in heaven... so where will i end up? i already know the answer.. thats why im afraid to die... guys... today... i went to the hospital... and you know what? when i first entered the room of my doctor.. he told me that i looked so normal... when he started doing his thing like checking me up or somethin he noticed that there is something wrong with my right ear... hahaha... he told me that there is something wrong with it and i need to go back next week. i was like :"what the hell?" that is not the only problem with me... i noticed that im having trouble breathing recently and my chest kept on aching... hahaha... im still young to have a heart attack... and coincidentally my friend's grandmother died because of that... ahhh..


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