The Fall Into War

A Group Story written by Me, Blemarooney, Yutty, Magster101, and dlakshmi. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5

Rose Dwane

The sky was a perfect sunset, the temperature made you want to sleep outside, and there wasn't many people. Yet, I hated that day with all my heart. What was the problem? Lily was. We had been fighting for, oh, a week? Over a stupid misunderstanding. "How could you do this to me?!" Lily shrieked at me. "I didn't! How could you not trust me?! I thought we were best friends!" "I GUESS YOU WERE WRONG!" Woah. That hurt. A tight knot formed into my stomach painfully. "I think.......I THINK I HATE YOU ROSE LEXA DWANE!" My head jerked up to see her face. Anger flushed through her face. She couldn't have meant it.........could she? She was all I had. Ever since the day my mum got killed. "I guess I hate you too then." I murmered quietly. We had always hated each other. In a sisterly way. *******FLASHBACK*******

Me and Lily were suddenly sitting on a large hill laughing. We were five years younger than in the present. Oh yes, I remebered now. This was two years before my sister died and one year before my mother had gone too. I was wearing all black except for a big rose necklace Lily had gotten me. She was wearing all white except for the black flower necklace I got her. We were very different but we practically always agreed with each other. Then, I looked down at my feet. "Are we best friends forever?" I asked suddenly a little bit shy. She slowly took my hand and lifted my face up so I was looking into her eyes. "Hey! Of course we are!!" My smile couldn't have been bigger. "But-" she started and my eyes went wide with confusion and pain. "I'll always hate you." Lily finished. She giggled in a friendly way and I knew what she meant. I grinned and nodded. "Always." I whispered.
*******FLASHBACK ENDS*******
I searched my brain for something to say. Anything. But my mouth went completley dry and word wizzed around in my brain. Suddenly I heard a teenage boy shout something muffled by the ocean tides. Though I soon realized I didn't have to. His bike crashed into Lily and the pedal rammed into her ankle. The bridge we were on was being repaired so it has nothing to hold on to and Lily splashed into the deep water. "Lil!" I screamed and without another thought, I jumped in after her.

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