The Fall Into War

A Group Story written by Me, Blemarooney, Yutty, Magster101, and dlakshmi. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

We're going somewhere

I woke up and looked around me. I glanced at my broken old watch '6 a.m' it read. I quietly got up, not wanting to disturb my parents and went down stairs. I have my usual breakfast, a small bowl of Rice Krispies. I sat down on the sofa and read my book 'The Chronicles of Narnia.' It was my favourite book by far.

Just then, James, my 15 year old brother came running down the stairs. Followed by Mark, my 17 year old brother. James grabbed my book off me and started laughing, "You're 12 years old and you still read this garbage?!" he taunted. "Yeah, because she's a baby!" Mark said and they both burst out laughing. I just sat there, a blank expression on my face.

I had learned not to react to their taunting a long time ago. It only gets me in trouble, that's because none of my family like me. My mum and dad sometimes join in with James and Marks taunting and rarely try to stop them. I sat there, trying my best to stay calm while they continued taunting me. It was all going okay until James started ripping pages out of my book.

I could feel all the nasty things, all horrible insults I could use slipping out of my head. So instead I used a good hard punch that sent him flying back and gave him a bloody nose. I turned to Mark, "You're next" I warned and he went running up the stairs. He ran into my mum and dad and told on me. Telling loads of lies about me starting it, and me insulting them.

I sat down at the table and buried my face in my hands. James lay there, nearly lifeless. It just showed how weak my brothers were, they couldn't take a punch from a 12 year old girl. My dad came running down the stares "RACHEL!" He yelled and his screeches echoed throughout the house. "Yes," I said very quietly. He looked over at James with the bloody nose and ran over to him.


I was in the car now. My mum and dad had severely ticked me off. They shoved me into the car with James and Mark. "We're going somewhere," my dad said darkly. I looked over at James and Mark but they just gave an evil smile. I guess I would have to wait and see.

At last we arrived, I recognised it at once, as the Golden Gate Bridge. I stood on the bridge and stared down. It really was high up. A few cars passed us but didn't knock us off balance. "Imagine being thrown of this," my mum said suspiciously and stared at me. "How terrible," my dad said.

"But if it looked like an accident.." James said. "Nobody would care," Mark said and they began laughing a wicked laugh. I knew what they were going to do, they were going to throw me off. "Poor poor Rachel" Mark and James said. I looked over the edge. I didn't want to die like this. Quickly I stood up on the edge of the bridge. "RACHEL-NO!" My mum said but that wouldn't stop me.

There was no way I was going to die by my horrible family pushing me off. I would jump myself. I shut my eyes and got ready to jump. "We were only joking!" my dad said. I suddenly believed them. But it was too late, I had jumped. I was falling, falling. I was going to die just because my horrid family wanted to scare me.

I took deep breaths and thought about my life. Perhaps death wasn't so bad. I smiled as a plunged into the deep ocean. Who knew what would happen?

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