Embarassing Moments!

These are all 100% true and have happened to me! Wish they didn't though...

Chapter 1

At the beach...

So where I went camping, there were these massive hills of sand. (So basically like instead of cliffs, it was a mountain of sand) Anyway, I was really bored and had nothing else better to do to, so I was practicing my flips for gymnastics on the hill because the angle made it easier to land them.

After a while, I noticed that I had caught the attention of these two insanely cute guys, so me being my flirty self, decided to show off a bit.

I decided that I would do an Ariel instead. I performed a perfect Ariel, but when I landed, I fell and couldn't stop myself, so I ended up rolling down the hill really fast (because the hill was very steep). I landed on the beach on my face. (Literally) It actually really hurt but I was not going to let myself cry.

I jumped up all quick as I could and tried to act like nothing happened, but I had sand all over my face. My dad called from the water "You have some sand on your face Sweetheart!" And I'm thinking "Thanks Dad, I never noticed

Then to make things even worse, I started sneezing and couldn't stop because I had sand in my nose. Everyone on the beach was staring at me, but I could understand why, because I just fell down a steep hill, I must have looked like a complete retard with sand on my face and in my hair, and I was sneezing my brains out!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the cute guys were laughing to themselves and I could tell it was about me. This was one of those times when I wish I could just melt into the ground and disappear...

Today, my cheekbone is bruised, good thing I'm not going anywhere!


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