my embarassing and clumsy moments!

These are some of my embarrassing moments and clumsy moments. I am really clumsy and embarrassing so this is gonna be long.

Chapter 1

Walking up to a complete stranger thinking they were someone else.

So I was at a store with my mom. I was told to go "see" the toys but I was too old. But I knew I had to so I went to the toy section. An half hour later, I went searching for my mom but she was nowhere to be found. I looked around and found the back of a head that looks like my mom's. I had over to her and call out "Hey Mom!" Only, unlucky for me, the person turned around and it wasn't my mom. I walked away slowly and then my mom appeared and I laughed very hard. It was so hilarious and embarrassing for me. Yeah....there is one and the next is coming up!
Toodles and Poodles!!

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