The Five (Original Group Story)

This is a group story about five completely different people in an 1428 Copenhagen who recieve a prophecy that brings them together, if hastily, that makes them have adventures and action! Yay!

This is by me (purplerain1234), gryffenpuff, Mexicoco, astronomer078, and luv2luvU.

Chapter 2

The Prophecy (POV Of Lauren)

Clunk, clunk.

That was the sound of me banging my head against the cold stone wall. 'This sucks' I thought. I hooked the tips of my combat boots into the stone and my fingers at the wall and climbed up to the window. I held onto the bars of the window and watched the people go by.
I sighed. 'To many people...'
I glanced at my secret exit, but knew I couldn't get out in daylight.
I let go of the window and slumped down in a corner, picking at the threads on the edges of my cloak.
"This sucks." I said outloud.
The door to my cell suddenly opened, a tall man wearing a mask came in, holding a tray with a bowl of soup, a slice of bread and a cup of water. I snorted. "Call that a punishment?" I snorted, taking the tray from him and sitting down. "This is better then I got back home!" I say, tipping the bowl of soup and drinking down the broth.
He grunted and left the room, slamming the door behind him. I sighed and pushed the bowl to the corner of the room.
'When nighttime comes...' I smiled sneakily. I looked out the window again, knights and guards walking by. 'They're stupider then they look.'
I stared outside the window for a long time, seeing as it got dark. I sighed once again. 'Someday, I'll be out of here for good. Then I'll find a horse, ride it off into the sunset -without an unnescesary prince- and go to Russia where I belong.' I thought, tucking a strand of my curled-at-the-bottom black hair behind my ear.
'Some day...'


I blinked my eyes open, used to waking up at this time to escape.
I smiled and silently stood up, pulling my cloak hood over my head.
I pulled away some of the loose stones from the secret passageway and stared down into the darkness.
I took a deep breath. 'Here goes nothing.'
I jumped down into the darkness and landed on the soft sandy floor. I blinked away the darkness from my eyes and pressed the stone bricks back into place above me. I ran along the soft floor, looking down at the brighter yellow sand to guide my way.
I started to hear the rush of the river and climbed up and out of the tunnel.
The river was next to me and the back of the bakers shop was in front of me. I smiled wildly, feeling the crisp air of nighttime outside.
I took of my cloak and boots and sat them in a hollow tree and climbed into the chilly water.
I know, I know. I shouldn't be swimming in a cold river at night when I'm an outlaw anyways. But swimming always calmed me down.
I swam in the deep river and smiled, honestly.
Suddenly, I saw a picture in the ripples of the river. It was flashes of different images that both scared me and interested me. Then a flash of two eyes, one green and one pure black.
A rough, silvery voice was saying odd words...

Five people of Copenhagen will answer the call
Complete the five tasks or Denmark will fall,
You are one, the others must know
Find them then and get on and go,
Terrible dangers await you,
Choices will fate you,
But if you go, chosen one,
You had better bring your gun,
for you have been chosen because you need something
That something will be at the end of the quest, like a reward.
Think about it that way.
Good luck.

I gasped and inhaled water, and jerked up and out of the water. 'What just happened...' I thought, breathing heavily.
"A prophecy." I whispered to myself. My mother told me about this when I was very little. Prophecies where omens where people needed to do things, they where chosen to do them.
I was so distraught, I almost ran away. I had thought about it, but I would never get far if I didn't have a horse.
I dried off and climbed back into the tunnel, and ran the whole way back. I layed down on my wooden wall bed and stared at the stone cieling.
'What did that mean... I.. I need something?' I thought. 'My brother.' I realized with a start. 'I need to find my brother.'
That's when I decided I needed to go on the quest. My brother was my only family left, and I knew that's what the prophecy meant.
I grinned. I would get my brother back.
I flipped onto my side and fell asleep happily.

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