The Five (Original Group Story)

This is a group story about five completely different people in an 1428 Copenhagen who recieve a prophecy that brings them together, if hastily, that makes them have adventures and action! Yay!

This is by me (purplerain1234), gryffenpuff, Mexicoco, astronomer078, and luv2luvU.

Chapter 1


Lauren Moth- a beautiful 17-year-old girl with shoulderblade length curled black hair and silver and gold flecked eyes. She is a prisoner, because she was a theif for noble reasons (like Robin Hood). She is sassy and sarcastic and very clever and very rebellious, but when you get to know her she is loyal and will do anything for the ones she loves. She is a natural leader, and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. She wears skintight black leggings and a grey leather tank top with a black cloak and black leather combat boots. She is tall and slender with paleish skin, and is very stealthy. Her weapon is two slender knives with leather grips that she secretly calls Natalie and Tabitha.

Soren Night- a very good looking 17-year-old guy with shaggyish dark reddish brown hair and green eyes. His skin is pale coppery tannish. He is a knight for the army of Copenhagen and protects mainly the royal family and sees the king, queen and princess often. He wears just a long sleeved brown tunic with black pants with it, and silver chestplate with a silver knight sword. He is kind and funny and a bit cocky, and many girls likes him. He is waiting for the right girl though. When he's in a tough situation he is brave and smart.

Achena Sorenson- a 16-year-old fairy(full sized, and it is normal in this village. Lol don't question it.) She had waist length brown hair and tan skin and relatively large electric green eyes. She is about 5"7 and very skinny and not muscular. She wears a frilled light blue dress, black ankle boots and a light lace printed cardigan. She is from Friskebrygga, Norway and is Norwegian on both sides. She is bubbly and extremely nice, but does have a sassy mean side for anyone who opposes her. Her defense is magic.

Renee Labelle- A 15-year-old girl who is the princess of Copenhagen. She has hair that is light brown with golden highlights. She is short and curvy. She is bubbly, outgoing, shy around people she doesn't know but warms up to them quickly,kind hearted. She wears an ivory lace dress, black leather boots, crown is small and silver. She is French on both sides and from Paris.

Mackenzie (Mac) Valentine- a 16-year-old girl with bellybutton length black pencil length hair and crystally blue eyes. She has a slight, skinny build. She is outgoing, jealous, smart, flurtatious, and cocky. She wears black cowgirl boots and black pants and shirt. Her weapon is a sword.

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