Time Warp (Original Group Story)

This is a story written by myself, SUNBURN, Janiebelle0921, Salocin, Write_The_Lucky_Way, and

Chapter 1


My character
Name: Celeste Jackson
Nickname: Cel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: long natural red hair, sparkling green eyes with gold flecks in the iris, tall, tan, very attractive
Personality: tough, rebellious, clever, natural leader, fiercely protective over friends, has trust issues, never shows negative emotions, strong, funny, caring, temperamental (if provoked), awesome fighter, brave, determined, willing to sacrifice herself for her friends, stubborn
Position in group: Leader
Background: orphan, she never told anyone what happened to her family , or where she was born. But she does reveal this to her friends sometime in the story
Love interest: Vinny (but due to her tough and independent personality, it takes her a while to develop feelings for him)
Other: she maybe be tough on the outside, but she's really kind and caring on the inside

SUNBURN's character
Name: Avery Madelyn
Nickname: Ave
Age: 16
Gender: F
Looks: Long Black Hair w/ Red Highlights, Thick rimmed glasses, Short, Pale Skin
Personality: Intelligent, Creative, Awkward, Kinda Weird, Sensitive, A bit shy around hot guys, wacky, random and loud
Position in group: Brains/Kinda Artsy Type Weirdo of the group
Love interest: yes
Background: Grew up in a house of all boys and no girls with her dad and 5 brothers.
Other: Always the smart one..just wants a guy to like her for her that's smart.

Janiebelle0129's character
Name: Vinny Daxon
Nickname: Vin
Gender: M
Looks: Jet-black hair, tan skin, one electric blue eye and one bright green eye, tall, thin
Personality: Tough, strong, nice, kind, caring, quiet
Background: Big family whose Dad died when he was 6.(Vinny's Dad) With 3 bros,4 sisters who's very poor.
Love interest: Celeste
Position in Group: dreamer

Yutty's character
Name: Aaron Johnson
Nickname: AJ
Looks: Tall in height, average weight, athletic build, muscular, African American, buzz cut black hair, dark brown eyes.
Personality: Confident, brave, extremely determined and almost never gives up, likes to keep things simple, doesn't get sarcasm, hates when people make him feel dumb, average smarts, friendly, kind nature, loyal, sweet, funny, caring.
Position In Group: Athletic One
Background: Lives with his Mom and younger sister Roxanne(14) who he cares for very much. Father works overseas.
Love Interest: None, maybe a girl outside the story though
Other: Has a Great Dane named Duncan. Is deathly afraid of water. Plays almost every sport, except water sports.

Write_The_Lucky_Way's character
Name: Ryan Kayilson
Nickname: Ryan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: Short buzz cut hair, tall for age Muscular
Personality: Wise crack, Always thinks before acts, Jumps to conclusion to quickly, Fearless
Position in group: Brains
Background: Comes from abusive family Father was once lawyer passed away now Mother works at a restaurant and younger sister is a brat.
Love interest: None
Other: Keeps to himself most of the time.

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