Goldifool and the Three Moronbears

In the story 'Goldifool and the Three Moronbears', you will discover how a dumb girl with messed up, hay-coloured curls stumbles upon a tiny little condo in the middle of a lake, and explores the cozy little building only to find three moronic bears sleeping on three different sized tables!

~Venture out of your regular story. Take a twist. Experience a whole new side to how stories are 'supposed to be'~

Chapter 2

Washroom Trouble

'Now for the brushing of the teeth,' mommy bear spat each word out. 'Ugh. Now that moron will have to wipe the mirror, haha!' she laughed out as she pointed at the mirror above the counter, covered in her spits.
Mommy bear snorted in a futile attempt to end her laughter. The lack of proper decision-making lead to the eruption of even more maniac-like laughing. It was a very hysterical seen indeed.
There was obnoxiously loud pounding up the cotton stairs. 'WHOZZAT? What's that EXPLOSION?!' yelled daddy bear.
'Wait daddy bear, wait!' little bear yelled after daddy bear, running up the stairs in a jellybean-covered towel flailing behind him. His squeaky voice echoed through the empty staircase. 'I learnt about this at school! It's about bombs! I know how to-'
'SHUT UP!' yelled daddy bear. He creeped up to the door of the tenth washroom, and tried to hear the commotion from inside.
'CRRRRAAAAASSSHHHH!' the sound burst outwards.
'OUCH!' daddy bear yelled as pieces of the broken wooden door smashed onto his glasses.
'CRAAAAAAASSHHH' the sound came again, but this time from the broken glasses lying on the ground. Daddy bear swiveled his head around and squinted. He started walking like a zombie towards the end of the hall.
'What happened?!' yelled little bear as he ran towards the washroom, careful not to step on the split wood lying on the ground. Inside, he saw that there was no mirror above the washroom counter. Mommy bear was sitting on the counter top, meditating.
'Hummmm,' mommy bear buzzed.
'Um..mommy? Where's the mirror? Why are you humming? Aren't we going for a picnic? What-' little bear was interrupted.
Mommy bear swung of the counter. 'We'll have to end the God damned trip. The mirror's broken,' she spat. Wiping his eyes, little bear spoke, 'but how did the mirror break?'
' a highly unspoken of incident. A legend, rather,' mommy bear turned her face away, as if in shame.
10 minutes passed as little bear stared at mommy bear. Mommy bear pondered on. 'If I don't go to the picnic...I'll have to shift to the mountains behind the lake. I won't be able to live up to the popularity of Lisa's lousy friends. And if I do go, the mirror will remain broken...and I can't wear my nightie without a mirror. I can't let that nightie incident happen again...'
Mommy bear abruptly swung around.
'The decision has been made,' she said. 'What would that be, mommy?' little bear asked. 'I'll just replace the empty space on the wall with a mirror,' mommy bear shrugged. She opened the closet in front of the toilet and took out a large mirror. She put it on the wall. 'Well help, you moron!' she yelled to her side. Little bear grabbed the mirror. His towel fell off. 'YOU MORON!' mommy bear yelled again and lifted her hand to slap little bear. The mirror shattered on the counter top.
Mommy bear stormed out into the hallway. Little bear didn't move an inch, shivering in his spot. 'Hello?' mommy bear spoke into a phone in the hall. 'Yes, I need demolition service. I need a washroom to be destroyed, thank you,' she calmly spoke. 'Come downstairs to have breakfast, little bear. We're going on a picnic.'

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