Goldifool and the Three Moronbears

In the story 'Goldifool and the Three Moronbears', you will discover how a dumb girl with messed up, hay-coloured curls stumbles upon a tiny little condo in the middle of a lake, and explores the cozy little building only to find three moronic bears sleeping on three different sized tables!

~Venture out of your regular story. Take a twist. Experience a whole new side to how stories are 'supposed to be'~

Chapter 1

Wake Up Already, You Moron >:(

'Wake up, little bear!' said mommy bear. 'Hey, moron? It's time to wake up for God's sake!'
'Ugh, okay mom...', yawned little bear. 'It's not like there's school or something,' he scowled. 'And God didn't tell me to wake up, so I don't get what YOUR problem is...'
'You're well aware that I'm referring to myself as God. Because that's what the heck I am, child. And we're going on a nice little picnic. You, daddy bear, and I, so you better get ready fast! I'll go make honey sandwiches while your daddy makes honey juice', said mommy bear.
'A PICNIC?!' little bear flung of the tiny sized table at the end of the row of beds and ran to the washroom to brush his teeth with a honey comb.
'Ahaha', laughed mommy bear. She loved going to picnics with little bear and daddy bear. The way little bear ran around like a moron when ants crawled onto his food and the way daddy bear ran after him like a mad wolf was a hilarious sight. She had hidden that secret album which held loads of pictures related to such scenes...not to mention the several cassettes and dvds of recordings.
'I'll make EXTRA sweet sandwiches today. More running around like idiots, more funny videos, the more I can show these to my friends and get increasingly popular', chuckled mommy bear with a smirk on her face.
'Ring ring!' rang the phone. Mommy bear snatched it off the bed. 'Who the hell do you think you are, calling mother bears when they're about to go picnicking with their moronic children?' she barked.
'It's me, Lisa! Oh, onto one of those trips again, huh? Well, you BETTER do good this time. I introduced you to my huge group of lousy, popular friends, and you're pulling my image down. PULLING it like wet, loose clothes hanging pathetically off of clothes lines, with the clothespin still on', barked Lisa.
'Shut the hell up child? My moronic infant is brushing his teeth in the toilet, and he'll hear your loud, obnoxious voice,' mommy bear whispered.
'Yea, and if you do a trashy job, he'll KNOW your secret too, okay?' Lisa smashed the phone down.
'Ouch!' mommy bear said as pieces of the broken handle flew into her ears. 'I'll have to fetch the fluffy, white ear pluck things now. Blugh'. And with that, mommy bear crawled over to her tenth washroom.

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