Group Story Sign Ups Again(CHARACTERS CHOSEN)

Soooorrrrry, the idea just came to me :P

Chapter 1


Emerging from the darkness, a group of 5 teenagers were reborn after a horrific death from their past.. They would become the world's last hope. With ONE power each must fight a frightful darkness and its followers in order to save the world. The 5 together are known as an unstoppable force, but when their fears rise up, can they stick together? Will the evil character (I'm only choosing one to write in this pov) tear them apart himself before handing the group to the darkness?

Character Information

Gender: (2 females, 3 males, 1 of the three will be dark)
Age: (16-18)
Personality: (Both negative and positive traits)
Light or Dark: I'm only accepting one dark character)
How They Died: (Must be violent since they emerged from the darkness)
Past: (other than the dying part)
Power: (ONE)
Fears: (At least 3)
Love Interest: (Preferred but not needed)


Name: Trinity Hope Evans
Nickname: Trin
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (at least looks like that)
Personality: Conservative, gullible, indecisive, jealous "at times but keeps that hidden well", moody, nervous, secretive, stubborn, timid, but kind, caring, protective, helpful, hardworking, considerate, open minded, determined, and intelligent
Appearance: cream colored skin with splattered freckles across the bridge of her nose, deep chocolate brown eyes, mid length wavy auburn hair, rosy lips and cheeks, 5'5, average built, wears loose but fitted clothing in earthy tones.
Light or Dark: Light
How They Died: Died in a fire that the school bullies set on her house
Past: Was born and raised in Lansing Michigan in the late 1900s to a family that was the typical "American" family, had a nice house, dad worked as a business man, mom was a teacher, had 3 older brothers who all played football and baseball. Before her death, a group of bullies in her freshmen year of school started to pick on her and that's when it got out of control.
Power: Invisibility
Fears: Fire (the main one), Failure, Drowning, Losing People, Cats, and Large Crowds
Love Interest: Male Character

I'm accepting four others (2 girls and 2 boys in the group of teenagers, and then one male character for the evil character. so sign up now! If you are the evil character and willing to have a love interest, be aware that it's intended to be within the good group. So sign up!)

Not first come first serve!

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