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Promoting a profile

Chapter 1


So there is this new profile that gives people with writers block, new original ideas. Here is their about me:

This Quibblo profile is for those of you who find yourself in a writing mood with no ideas! Perhaps you have snippets and fragments, but don't know how to use them. The Plot Adoption Agency provides intriguing, user friendly plots that you can use as a starting point for your new story! To view the plots currently without an author take a look at our "Recently Created" section. There you find all of the plots who need a home. When you find a plot you think is your perfect match, please comment on the story in which it is located. After a background check we will message you and let you know that you now have the rights to use this idea. The plot will then be taken down to avoid others from having stories too similar. If you have a plot you can no longer take care of, or you don't have the time to start, you can message us and we'll add it with the others. For additional questions please send us a message on this account or email us at

So to sum that up they give people with writers block good ideas. And they need to spread awareness! Please click the link below and give this profile a friend request. Look at some of their plots if you are ever stuck and please tell your friends!

It's new and original and currently run by KEVerdeen. So please spread awareness for this helpful, new page! Thank you. :)))


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