a good way

(Idea by: Xx_basketballkat_xX)This story is about a girl who's parents died and gets put in a foster system. Extreme happiness and depression get in her way to live a normal life.......she's confused what the term 'normal' really means. Her goal is to experince love once again. But what kind of love is the question. This is the story of Zoey Reese Dayleon. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

Finding this stupid dining room! (Very short and usueless chapter!)

I was awed for a couple of second then snapped out of it. I wonder how long they were going to keep me. Probably not very long. People are such idiots these days. I went to the closet and found 'suitable attire'. (Outfit: It felt kind of fun to put on make-up and stuff. I mean I guess it was alright. Who am I kidding? It was more than ok. I went downstairs an looked around. The hall was empty. This place was huge. How was I suppose to find the dining room? "Miss Westler?" a voice asked. I turned around to see a plump middle-aged woman wearing a maids outfit. Of course. "Do you need help?" she questioned "Yeah, where's the Dining room?" I answered "Which one?" "How many are there?" "Four." "Four?!" I stammered, Who needed four dining rooms?! "Well I"m assuming I have to look in all of them." I murmered through gritted teeth.

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