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(Idea by: Xx_basketballkat_xX)This story is about a girl who's parents died and gets put in a foster system. Extreme happiness and depression get in her way to live a normal life.......she's confused what the term 'normal' really means. Her goal is to experince love once again. But what kind of love is the question. This is the story of Zoey Reese Dayleon. Enjoy.

Chapter 2

Foster care is more then I can bear.

"Zoey?" "What?" I aked in a annoyed voice. Marie had just climbed up to the top of the building where I was sulking. She looked a little suprised that I hadn't ignored her. Hey, she was wearing high heels after all. There were a lot of stairs to climb up here and I'm suprised she made it up here. Marie smiled then replied "There is a nice couple here that would like to take some time to get to know you." I knew better. That meant they wanted to check if I"m good enough for them. "Fine." I murmered then ran down the stairs without taking a second glance at the St. Lenrose's Foster Care assitent. I reached the entrance of the main room and knocked on the door. "Zoey is that you?" A voice asked "Yes" I said through clenched teeth. "Come in." I entered and my gaze fell on two fancy dressed snobby looking people that were sizing me up. From my old dirty blue sneakers to my over-sized blue turtleneck. Her jaw dropped on my ripped up muddy jeans. I grinned. "Hey I"m Zoey." I chirped. The woman looked at me with obvious disgust in her eyes. She had on a yellow business like dress with a black belt on the middle part. Her hair had been put in a tight bun. Finally her shoes were the exact same color as her dress, a bright yellow. The man had a very clean and classy suit and tie on. Disgust filled my eyes too. "I'm Shannon and this is my husband Derek." The woman said to me. I turned to face Ms. Cherden, the manager of St. Lenrose's Foster Care, with a look that clearly meant "Really?!" She nodded sternly. "I'm Zoey nice to meet you." I answered in my most polite voice. "Would you like to come live with us for a little while Zoey?" Shannon asked me. "Sure." I replied.
*****2 hours later*****
Me, Shannon, and Derek arrived at a mansion. "Here's our house." Derek boast. "It's cool." I whispered. And it was. I grabbed my suitcase and rolled it on the ground. When we walked into the errrrrrr castle an adorable golden doodle jumped at us. "That's Petunia." Shannon told me completley ignoring the dog. I frowned. "Your room's upstairs Zoey. First to the right." She added. Then Shannon looked at my clothes "You'll find suitable attire there." I nodded then went upstairs. When I reached the first door to the right I opened it and walked inside dragging my suitcase behind me. My eyes wandered around curiously. (The Room: "Wow."

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