a good way

(Idea by: Xx_basketballkat_xX)This story is about a girl who's parents died and gets put in a foster system. Extreme happiness and depression get in her way to live a normal life.......she's confused what the term 'normal' really means. Her goal is to experince love once again. But what kind of love is the question. This is the story of Zoey Reese Dayleon. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Alone.............perhaps forever

Rain poured down outside and the knot in my stomach tightened. It was raining that day. The day it happened. The day my life shattered arround me. The day my heart broke, never to be completeley repaired. ****Flashback****
"Mommy I'm scared." I whispered. My mom looked at me with horror in her eyes. She nodded then put a finger on my lips to shush me. We heard a vase fall and shatter to the ground and I winced. I knew it. We were going to die. Just like daddy did. But daddy died of cancer. We were going to die of murder. A man opened the closet door with a gun and I shrieked. My mom tackled him and grabbed the gun. She shot him and then turned to me. A smile lit my face. "You did it mommy!" I yelled then ran to hug her. POW! My mother's body colapssed on the floor revealing another man with a gun. I gasped then crawled over to her ingoring the man. She smiled at me then whispered hoarsely "M-my d-d-d-dear Zoe." My tears dropped on her face. "Z-Z-Z-Zoey?" "Yes?" I chocked out between tears. "I l-l-love y-........." THen she was gone. Forever. I looked up at the man and he smirked. Anger burned through my body. I sprint toward him and knocked him down. I snatched the gun from his hand and pointed it towards his face. One little blast later, I had killed him. The murderer got murdered.

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