All about PAA (Not a plot for adoption)

Chapter 1

FAQ- answered.

This Quibblo profile is for those of you who find yourself in a writing mood with no ideas! Perhaps you have snippets and fragments, but don't know how to use them. The Plot Adoption Agency provides intriguing, user friendly plots that you can use as a starting point for your new story! To view the plots currently without an author take a look at our "Recently Created" section. There you find all of the plots who need a home. When you find a plot you think is your perfect match, please comment on the story in which it is located. After a background check we will message you and let you know that you now have the rights to use this idea. The plot will then be taken down to avoid others from having stories too similar. If you have a plot you can no longer take care of, or you don't have the time to start, you can message us and we'll add it with the others.

Who's in charge of PAA?
The PAA is run by multiple Quibblo users who work as plot surrogates. Right now this is mainly KEVerdeen (TessasAngel).
We're also looking for recruits to be plot surrogates.

What is a plot surrogate?
Surrogate is a general term that refers to a woman who carries a pregnancy for another person, in this case the surrogates are the ones who help to think of the plots that will be put up for adoption.

How do I become a plot surrogate?
The resume to be a plot surrogate is listed below, please make sure you MESSAGE us with your answers if you are interested. Do NOT comment on this story. We will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know the results.
PS Resume
Link to one of your original stories (please make it clear if this is a group story):
Please name three Quibblo users that recommend you as a PS:
How often do you log in to Quibblo? [Daily] [Every other day] [Weekly] [Monthly] [Less often than any of these options]
Please write an original plot example (Be descriptive):

How do I adopt a plot?
Once you have found a plot you would like to turn into a story, comment on the page it is listed. We will then look into your account to make sure you are suitable for this responsibility. We will message you when the idea is yours to take.

How do I put a plot up for adoption?
If you would like to put your own plot ideas up for adoption often, the best choice would for you to become a plot surrogate.
If you have one or two plots you would like to see someone else write and don't think you are suitable to come up with these ideas on a regular basis, then message up explaining exactly what your plot is and we will consider putting it up through our agency. Please be prepared that we may slightly change your plot to be more appropriate.

What is someone steals a plot instead of properly adopting it?
Unfortunately there is no way we can stop this from happening. We hope that everyone can respect the way we run our agency, but in the event that someone takes a plot without informing us we can't exactly prove it. If you see someone create a story that follows one of our plots, please let us know so we can talk to the authors that were considering adopting it. However, let's not be tattle tales. Sometimes stories are just similar to each other and that's okay :)

If I adopt a plot, do I HAVE to finish that story?
But we'd love it if you did! Please don't feel too pressured to continue if it's something you really can't manage. You can always message us if you're stuck on something! We'll help you through the writers block from beginning to end.

If you have any more questions you can message us or email us at

When describing plots surrogates will use the name 'Jane' to represent females and 'John' to represent males. You are permitted to call them whatever you want after adopting the plot.


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