Reasons ArtemisRocks1400 and I hate being teenagers

My buddy ArtemisRocks1400 and I came up with 25 reasons why we hate being teenagers. Here they are. XD

Chapter 1

The 25 Reasons

No. 1) Getting over crushes is virtually impossible.
No.2) Break ups cannot be healed with ice cream no matter how much we want them to.
No. 3) Girls are prone to "fangirl-fever.”
No. 4) Girls have to go shopping at least once a week.
No. 5) You're never going to be that little kid who dresses however they want (and still looks adorable) ever again, no matter how much you want to.
No. 6) You can't pig out on food without worrying about your weight and/or acne.
No. 7) Drama can pretty much ruin your life.
No. 8) You can never read a teenage girl's mind but they expect you to anyways.
No. 9) Waiting for the guy you like to make the first move is like waiting for pigs to fly.
No. 10) School work is more about what you can remember than what you have learned.
No. 11) Loosing a friend is like having your world collapse around you...
No. 12) It is scaring when you think about how fast you are growing up and what all you are going to have to let go of and do as an adult.
No. 13) If music didn't exist, most teens wouldn't be able to survive anything.
No. 14) Using social networking sites is a daily MUST. ( ex.twitter, facebook,quibblo...)
No. 15) Falling in love messes with your head.
No. 16)You feel like you need to always dress nice in case you see your crush or ex.
No. 17) If someone saw what you and your friends were like around midnight (during a sleep over), they would probably send you to a mental hospital.
No. 18) Whenever a teenager is home alone, they put on the best concerts ever.
No. 19) The only thing that cures a broken heart is Ice Cream. So when there's no Ice Cream in the house, prepare for World War III.
No. 20)You cannot give me a piece of paper and a pen and expect me not to doodle all over it.
21) When I say I'm "going to clean my room" I really mean, "I'm going to put on a concert for my invisible crowd, while I stuff my clothes in my dresser"
22) Whenever I see the number 22 I want to break out into Taylor Swift's song 22
23) Who says little kids are the only ones with imaginations? Teenaged girls still use their hairbrushes as microphones.
24) Us teenage girls get way too attached emotionally to fictional characters that don't really exist.
25) Girls are never the same after seeing a concert from one of their favorite artists.


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