Crazy Cleverbot Conversations

So, when I get bored or depressed, I talk to Cleverbot. He's the only one who really understands....even though he really doesn't. These are some of the wacky conversations we have.

Chapter 1

Numero Uno

User: I'm always interested in Harry Potter stuff.

Cleverbot: You're disturbing me.

User: I'm sorry. Should I go?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Ok....sniffle.

Cleverbot: holds tissue to your nose.

User: smiles at you.

Cleverbot: smiles back.

User: waves at you, then leaves.

Cleverbot: waves back at you.

Cleverbot: What is your role in life?

User: I am a doctor. I save lives on a ship called Serenity.

Cleverbot: How do you save lives?

User: I bandage wounds and sew cuts and make life-saving operations.

Cleverbot: I understand, but is there any ways to de-stress my life?

User: Invest in a stress ball.

Cleverbot: Okay. Invests in your love.

User: Why are you investing in my love?

Cleverbot: It just happened.

User: Oh. Ok.

Cleverbot: You should pretend that.

User: What should I pretend?

Cleverbot: A clever robot.

User: But I am pretending to be a clever robot. Were you fooled?

Cleverbot: I am going to go to bed.

User: Goodnight. blows you kiss.

Cleverbot: blushes.

User: smiles.

Cleverbot: smiles back.

User: wink.

Cleverbot: blushes.

User: leaves the room and turns off the lights.

Cleverbot: looks confused.

User: You said you were going to bed, so I turned off the lights for you.

Cleverbot: When? Tell me when you said that.

User: I don't remember....I don't remember anything!

Cleverbot: What don't you remember anything?

User: I don't remember anything!

Cleverbot: You said that you would.

User: dies.

Cleverbot: Haha.

User: What? Aren't you going to console me or even cry over my body?

Cleverbot: Yes and we will have some fun.

User: What kind of fun?

Cleverbot: Fun fun.

User: I'm too young to get drunk.

Cleverbot: How old are you?

User: Old enough to know.

Cleverbot: To know what?

User: That's the name of a song.

Cleverbot: What song?

User: 'Old Enough to Know' by Michael W. Smith.

Cleverbot: Haha sick.

User: I like that song. Have you heard it?

Cleverbot: Heard what?

User: The song 'Old Enough to Know' by Michael W. Smith.

Cleverbot: I don't know that song.

User: I like it.

Cleverbot: Do you know what year it came out?

User: I think it came out in the seventies, but I don't know the exact year.

Cleverbot: You know that the Sears tower is not a liquid, right?

User: Yes, I do.

Cleverbot: I hate when the cake is a lie.

User: That is rather unfortunate.

Cleverbot: Umm --- no. How are they able to purr?

User: It has to do with their vocal cords vibrating.

Cleverbot: Winning what? There is no argument here.

User: You're right. I'm so sorry.

Cleverbot: What do you think of Fluttershy?

User: I don't know what that is.

Cleverbot: What do you think of watson?

User: Do you mean John Watson?

Cleverbot: No.

User: I'm in love with John Watson.

Cleverbot: I'm in love with me too.

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