Chapter 1


I didn't think I would get one thousand friends before the goal :D I'm gonna give out some shout-outs to people who are close to me and talk to me.

SugarKart: RED-CHAN! :D You're like the person I can talk to at anytime and you would always reply. It's always fun to talk to you since you always have something fun to say :D

iamahuman, Koi: You're very nice and an awesome person for talking to me and evening putting up with me. Hopefully you come on soon to read this :D

Moondash, Marina: I love talking to you :D I've talked to you the most and it's always fun to talk to you. I always get excited when I see a new message from you :3

fort_building: You are very friendly. You were one of the first people to actually start a good conversation with me so that makes you AWESOME :D I love talking to you!!

canuckmom1: You are an awesome writer. We write an amazing group story that's getting even better. You are a nice person to talk to as well :D

ZoeyLupin, Zoey: I haven't talked to you in a long time but you played Minecraft with me and you were so helpful and friendly! I wish we can talk and play some more again :D

To all I hate (Which I don't think is anyone): GTFO

To others: I probably either dislike you or never talk to you so I don't have anything to say but Thanks for adding me and dealing with me :) You're all awesome!


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