She Never Was and Never Will Be

She Never Was and Never Will Be

Love: it's something most human teenagers are tortured by. The world of Mac is a whole mix of love successes and tragedies. She's attracted to two guys that are older than her: Daniel and Damien. Daniel, your typical rich-kid, is the polite, innocent class president of the ninth grade. He's also between two girls: Mac and Dakota, the two- faced popular girl. Damien, now, he's a bad boy. Rich too, but he had a tough life. He's a senior too, sadly.

Now, what will happen with our heroine, Mac?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: FerSure
In that family, nobody could find love. They were all slaves to the tragedy.

Millions and millions stored in the bank, the clothes that were only used once, homes that were bought and sold every month: all to see if they could get rid of the curse. It was like that, you either got arranged by your parents if you were a female or you fell in love but then you had bad luck if you were a man. And indeed, most of them ended by taking their own lives.

It was especially bad news for the young Daniel, who all by himself had not much luck in love. At school he was friends with tons of girls, but it stayed there: just friends.

"Daniel! Earth to Daniel!" His friend Mac told him. He snapped out of the trance he was in and looked at her.

"Are you sure you don't need help with your books?" He asked her, when he saw her carrying the stack that had around nine books and probably weighted more than her.

"Oh they're not mine. Half are Damien's. He asked me to take them to his car."'

"He makes you carry books? He should be ashamed of himself, making his girlfriend carry his stuff."

"I'm not his girlfriend, Daniel." She laughed, "At least I don't think he considers me."

"But you're such an amazing girl, Mac."

"Thanks, but I think you're more amazing."

"No way, you are."

"Hey, don't start. You are."

"What do I have to do to prove you're more amazing?"

"Nothing. Hey, you know we're going separate ways from here. Damien parks his car a little far from school. Since its am expensive one, he doesn't want any 'idiots' ruining it."

"Do you have a ride afterwards?"

"Shoot, no... Maybe I'll ask someone."

"We could take you," he offered.

"Will Dakota be there?" She asked him.

He looked away and pretended not to hear the question but she walked in front of him and insisted, "Is she?"

"Yes." She began to turn away. "But you know I can't control it, mother promised her father to pick her up on Wednesdays."

"It's fine, really. I can ask anyone for a ride. Even Damien himself."

"But when does he get out of school? And doesn't he smoke?"

"Not everyone is rich like you, and we can't be picky." And with that, she walked away.

Mac left the pile of books inside the unlocked car of Damien the Great, as he was known at Quibblo Academy. Such an expensive car, why the ducks does he not lock it? She wondered. The truth is, she had lied to Daniel when she said half of the books were Damien's: they were all his. When she left them there, she felt great relief. She wiped her forehead, pulled her pants up and looked around: who would she get a ride from?

She started considering options. First of all, her parents couldn't because they were away on a trip her mother won from a contest. Damien probably could, but that was if he didn't have a new girlfriend, and that was as unlikely as pink rain. She even thought of asking a teacher: see, Mac was so, very desperate! She hated the eight hours she had to spend at school, and add to that the extra-ones she had to wait for a ride.

Maybe shouldn't have denied that ride from Daniel... She thought. But then she scratched it, replacing it with the thought of Dakota being there.

"There's... Amia and Iris, but they leave early." She was thinking out-loud. "There's the new Japanese girl, Yuki, but I don't trust her much."

"How can you not trust Yuki?" A voice said. Mac immediately turned and saw her salvation.

"Wednesday, can you give me a ride?" She asked the girl with the leather jacket.

A leather jacket, what a good example for a thirteen-year-old. Truth was, Mac and Wednesday had just started interacting two months ago. Before, they were in different grades but Wednesday had missed school for a year and a half because of constant hospital admissions. Her excuse was "that she didn't want to go to school."

"Hop on, but remember I don't drive a Maserati like Mr. Great here." She joked. Mac forced out a laugh, not knowing what to do.


Daniel hopped in his mother's car. She slept peacefully in the front seat, with the AC temperature too cold and her seat reclined. It was a cold what had her weak this last few days, but she refused to go to any doctor or take any medicine. Now it would be a long wait until Dakota decided to make an appearance.

She'd be talking with her friends somewhere or eating something at the moment. She seemed to forget time existed when at school. And that was one of the reasons why Mac disliked her. Her main reason to was simple: Daniel.

It was obvious: she liked him. He? Mac thought he liked Dakota more. Maybe it was true, maybe it wasn't. Just how Mac liked Daniel and Damien, but she always liked Daniel better. He'd always like one of them better.

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