~The story of the raindrops~

Notice the fancy pansy chapter title? Haha well anyways, This is a story for the Quibblo Contest! Yes, I'm trying out! (This is for Nana, notice how I named one of the characters Willis? heheheeh)

Chapter 3


by: FerSure
The schedule was in my hand, along with the key to my room. Number 77, what an unlucky number. I went inside and unpacked, well, the little stuff I had. I had gotten the notice that my roomate wouldn't be assisting school during the first few months. I was lucky. Lucky and unlucky.

I recited the speech in my head: Hello, I'm Mason Pelliot. It's nice to meet you, and I hope we get along. Please take care of me. over and over again. Not responding to the names "Kat" or "Mason's kid sister" made me feel somewhat uneasy. What if someone called out for Mason and I forgot to respond? I knew this was a terrible idea: and my mother was even more terrible for coming up with it. Great example she was being.

A knock on the door. Someone had heard about the new student, apparently. I opened the door and this crowd of jocks came in, making a huge scandal and laughing loudly. This is what I hated about guys, they were so rude. I tried to hide my underwear, it was my first thought. If I was found out, I don't know what I'd do.
"Hey newbie." The one who seemed to be the leader said."I'm Sam. There are some rules around these dorms, and I came here to inform you about them."

"First of all, lose the "newbie". My name's A-Mason." I told him. Wow, good going Kat, you were getting a bloody nose on the first day, for sure.

"Wow, this one sure's tough" They commented. I could tell it annoyed Sam, because he silenced them all by crashing the tin can on his hand. He did it with such ease, it scared me. Yet, I was in no position to show fear. This was my ground and they were the intruders.

"Mason Pelliot, the drug dealers know your name." He said. My heart instantly froze, did he just find me out? "I'll be eager to see more of you. You seem like an interesting lad."

And with that, he left. Of course, he threw the can on the floor. The other "minions" followed, but not after taking three good looks at me. Mason Pelliot, the short, skinny guy who dared challenge Sam on the first day. I had just figured to gain a reputation for myself.

I'm still here, wondering what happened. That was odd.

I threw myself on the bed. Ah, Mason, you've made of things one hell of a mess. Mother's crying, your stepfather is handling this all and I had to become you. You were one hell of a mess. It's sad how not even after death I have one nice thing to say about my brother. I guess the word brother was just used freely in that case. I didn't feel he was my brother, he was just a stranger who looked a lot like me. I hope you, you jerk, wherever you are right now, I hope you can feel mother's pain. Why did you do it? You were smart, your family loved you. You never needed to go to the drug world. I guess you were in too deep,you had to die. It was like a terminal illness.

The bell indicating the beginning of class rang. I stood up, grabbed my backpack and ran to classroom 203, where I had my first class. It was English. The teacher was a female, and I could tell it drove all of the students crazy. She also was a tease. She bent frequently and did innapropriate stuff too. I could only pick out two students that didn't fall for her charm: me and a guy sitting by the corner. By his looks, he was obviously gay. His hair was long, really long. His face seemed to have makeup and he looked delicate, overall. Maybe there was someone whom I could befriend.

I caught him outside, during snack period. He was a loner, which was even better for me. I was one too, at my past school. I just liked to pretend I had friends.
"You're a trans." Was what he told me.

"A what?" I tried to cover. Apparently, I only made the situation worse.

"Look, it's not obvious. I'm gay, we kind of know these things. It's a sixth sense or something, probably."

I relaxed. "Thank you."

"Mason Pelliot, what's your real name?"

"Aikaterine. Kat, for friends though."

He stretched out his hand, "Zack Harris."

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