~The story of the raindrops~

Notice the fancy pansy chapter title? Haha well anyways, This is a story for the Quibblo Contest! Yes, I'm trying out! (This is for Nana, notice how I named one of the characters Willis? heheheeh)

Chapter 2


by: FerSure
I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. Mother chatted happily behind me, it seemed she was always talking since Mason's death. It was maybe, a way of grieving. Mother loved Mason too much, and he loved her equally as much. He would want her to be happy. Yet probably, this was a cover and she was actually dying on the inside.

"Oh, Kat, you look exactly like him." Mother said. I didn't dare look. The hair that had taken me five years to grow out, it was now cut short, ear-lenght. It was the shortest mother would let me get. With the hair-cut and the uniform, I bet I looked like a guy. My eyes were fixed on my shoes, but they slowly moved up to my pants, then my shirt and that's the more I could go. I didn't want to see my face.

"Cheer up, Kat. It will be a great experience for you!" She smiled. Was my discontent so obvious for her to notice? How wrong was it to want to go back to my old school, to the tons of mean kids and my strange friends? I didn't want to be Mason, I wanted to be Aikaterine.

"Ma, is it too late to go back to my old school?" I asked, innocently.

"Don't be silly, I'm sure you'll love the new one!"

I went downstairs, to the kitchen. I could usually eat an elephant whole, but now I had lost my apetite. The luggage on my left hand seemed to weight more than me, but it was only about twenty pounds. It had some clothes and nothing else: there was nothing material that was important to me.

I waited out, for the bus. It was six in the morning, it was supposed to arrive in a few minutes. The air was cold, even if it was just the beginning of August. I looked at the spot where I saw my brother's body fall just two months ago. Coward I was, for not going out to help him and instead warning Willis. That man was the best thing ever that happened to mother.

I heard a crack. I looked to the side, and realized it was only Lucifer. Had he lost weight? He was shirtless, so his bones and the tattoo on his back was exposed. I laughed, he was so pale and thin. Not your typical "gangster". A five-year-old was more scary.

"What are you doing up so early, maniac?" He asked. I hadn't talked to him since the night.

"I'm waiting for the bus." I said, looking front, not even bothering to turn my head to talk to him.

I could feel him taking a good look at me. "Wow Kat, are you becoming Mason?" He said. Once again, he calls me Kat. I really wish he didn't do that. It felt strange.

"Maybe, maybe not." I said. At that moment, the bus was just arriving. I hurried up to take a seat and leave that strange town. I would be out of it for six months. It meant no news of Mother, Willis or even Lucifer for a month. In a way, the change was good because I wanted out. I didn't want to keep on leading a repetitive, boring life.

Maybe that June 6th, it wasn't Mason that died, but Kat.

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