~The story of the raindrops~

Notice the fancy pansy chapter title? Haha well anyways, This is a story for the Quibblo Contest! Yes, I'm trying out! (This is for Nana, notice how I named one of the characters Willis? heheheeh)

Chapter 1


by: FerSure
I stood at the door of the room, unsure of what to do. As much as I wanted to run in and comfort mother, it wouldn't be the proper thing to do. I'm probably the person most unfit for the job.

If you put yourself in that woman's shoes, you'd be crying too. She's inside, all alone, crying for my brother. The police is out with my stepfather, interviewing him about the death. A few minutes, or hours ago (I wasn't the best with time) a mysterious car parked in front of our house. My brother claimed it was a friend of his, and went out. Little did he expect, his "friend" would fire the bullet that ended him.

The tears went down my face too. Silently, I was calm. Even if I never liked that guy, he was my brother, my blood. He was an arrogant guy, famous for his smarts and adventures with women: married, single, schoolgirls and old ones. I wore the same last name as his, with shame. I hated every time I had to hear an "Aikaterine Pelliot, you must be related to Mason Pelliot" from a teacher or just a stranger. It made me known to others as "Mason's kid sister", even if we were twins.

"Kat, could you come in, please?" I heard my mother's low voice come in from inside. I slowly opened the door, scared of what I was about to find inside. I couldn't handle seeing mother cry.

I took a deep breath and entered, closing the door behind me. Be strong for her , I told myself. "Yes, ma?"

"Is the police done with your stepfather?" She asked me. She dried tears off her face, pretended to be strong for me. Oh, ma, you don't have to do that. I wanted to tell her.

"No. Willis is still explaining the whole thing to them." I told her. She looked down, at Mason's bed. Yes, this was Mason's messy room. It smelled of dirty socks and something else, maybe drugs. They say you couldn't cover the sun with your palm and yes: Mason was a genius but he was a problematic child.

Her tears began again. At first, I could tell that she tried to hold them back but at some point she couldn't take it. Between cries and screams she said "Kat, hug me." And I did. I guess it was the most I could do, I couldn't bring Mason back to life.

My mother was too blind. She could see what kind of person Mason was, yet she refused to believe it. I remember it all: the nights, almost mornings, when he came back with some woman and mother's crying. She only saw him as a straight-A student and a mama's boy. She certainly never liked me.

I went out. Maybe what I needed was air, maybe that way I could answer all the questions in my head and get rid of the disgusting feelings haunting me. The front was much too packed, with police men and people who had heard the gunshots and came to find out and gossip. It wasn't the best scenery at the moment, so I went to the small back yard. I sat in an old, broken plastic chair and looked at the stars. The clock on the wall marked three in the morning. Exactly two hours after Mason was killed.

"Hey Mason's sister" A deep voice called. It was a simple whisper, but it sounded a lot louder in my head. I fell face-down to the ground on my first attempt to stand up. I could hear his laughter, and his face was somewhat visible. Jerk.

"What is it? I'm guessing you heard about Mason. We don't need your comforting words." I told him as I headed to the "fence" that divided our houses. In reality, it was just some wood planks that stayed together with a rope.

"Mason. That guy. What was he? Don't you think he would die anyways?"

"I don't need a stranger's opinion." I told him. As if he were a stranger. Lucifer was Mason's best friend. He was the one to introduce him to all bad things, and partly guilty of his death. The oldest kid in the neighbourhood, he was 17. Dropped out of school, broken family and his hands were stained with blood from the crimes everyone rumoured he commited. The name Lucifer seemed to fit him perfectly, even though we all knew it wasn't his real one. What was his real name, anyways?

"You knew he'd die anyways. He was in too much trouble. Maybe the husband of one of his lovers killed him, or maybe he owed money to some dealer."

"It was a friend. Besides, who are you to judge? You've probably killed more people than your age."

"I'm really overrated, Kat." I tensed when I heard him say my name. No one from here used my name. It was "Miss Pelliot" or "Mason's kid sister", to the teen crowds. I felt him go away, and when I was sure he had left, I went inside too. I was walking to my room, when I stopped by the door one last time.

I opened it again, and closed it carefully, not making any sound. "Ma, please. Don't let Willis deal with everyone alone."

"I can't stand up, Kat. I try, but it's impossible to leave his room. It smells like him, everything here reminds me of him. It makes it seem like he's here, studying or cracking a joke." She tells me.

"Ma, I'm still here!" I said. Oh no, when had I become the center of attention? I wanted to take back my words.

"You don't get it! You're just a selfish brat, Kat. What good are you, anyways? You're lazy, stupid and you won't work! I wish the bullet would've hit you, instead of Mason!" She screamed. She seemed to calm down once she saw the look on my face. "Oh no, I'm sorry sweetie. I didn't mean any of that. I love you." She tried to make it better, but it was too late. What was said had already been said.

"I wonder what they'll say from Mason's school. What a waste, it was a scholarship from the country's best boarding school."

"Mason was special..."

"Ma, please." I told her. Her favouritism annoyed me. At times like these, it was just plain innapropriate.

"Kat, I know this idea is wicked, but you and Mason were identical twins. You could never have this oportunity again. What if you took his place at the school?"

"Ma, wasn't it an all-boys school?"

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