Against the Disease

This is for the All-Stars Contest.

I am sorry for grammar or punctuation problems, I am terrible at those

Chapter 1

by: CaughtUp
"Is it rather death? Or a disease?" Rena asks. Silence drowned the room, even though Rena starts to make a conversation. "What caused the disease?" Rena asks, once again. She locked eyes with the doctor who was standing in front of her. I was left to ponder- The doctor barely spoke.

Rena is a lawyer. She was trying to find the evidence to prove that is was a disease, not a murder. It was a bit complicated. The man who was dead was either murdered by the person who killed Rena's brother- Or killed by a disease. There was no evidence for either both sides.

Lately, there was a disease spreading. No one heard of how it started, no one knows why. But there is some people who thinks that the person who caught the 'disease'... Was either murdered by the same person. Rena sighs, as she stuffs the notebook and pencil in her bag- As if she was putting in the stuffing in a teddy bear.

Right before Rena was about to walk out of the hospital- the doctor's voice stopped her. But she got a phone call. She forces herself to hang up, no matter who it was- but it was the police. "Hello?" Rena starts off coldly. She wasn't in the mood to talk, either.

Rena was painfully aware that it wasn't anything important. No one found evidence, for now.

"Have you seen the news? Check, and then I will tell you something."

"But, I'm in the hospital!", Rena exclaims loudly, but it was a good thing no one looked at her like she was crazy.

But since it's for her evidence, she flips the channels and then automatically stayed on the news section. Several tons of deaths had been reported on the news, from the same state. Rena jerks her hand into her bag and grabs the notebook. She scribbles down: Disease(?) or Murder in the same country, New York

Then, she kept on listening to the news. It felt like she was talking to the reporter, cause Rena kept on gazing at her eyes. Her eyes meant: 'Keep on going, I need more evidence.' "Currently, a left hand was found inside a lake. A fisherman saw the left hand, and that the lake was mixed with the color of violent red. He immediately reported to the police. The police came quickly to the lake, and saw that there the left hands was scratched by a knife."

Rena furrows her eyebrows together. Images of a cut-off left hand streams into her mind. She was disgusted, expressing her feelings, and then turned her attention to the TV again. "So, we are quite sure it is a murder. The same finger prints have been on the knife, as well, on the other people who have been killed. The killer is the same person, and in the same country. The police is researching who's fingerprints it is."

Rena scribbles everything down on her notebook. Then she waits for the reporter to say more- just in case. But the reporter didn't, so Rena switched off the TV and attempted to call the police. "Hello? Yes, this is Rena. I saw the news, and gathered much more evidence. It's a murder." Rena could tell that the police was nodding. "Very good! Yes, it is quite indeed a murder."

Rena gulped, before saying anything. "And I think I know who. Have you made sure which person has the same fingerprints?" "We are still working on it, Rena. Meanwhile, you try to work on colliding your evidence" The feeling of excitement has left. Rena only liked to gather evidence- not work on things. She was the type who is the lazy lawyer- but a smart and good one, indeed.

The hospital's wide doors opens, as a burst of wind headed straight to Rena, as she shivered. "Alright. Call me when it's done, please." Rena hung up, as she walked out of the hospital.

But then, grey silhouette's covered up the ground. Rena knew someone was standing in front of her. She looked up and locked eyes with 'him'. "Oh, but you need to be alive to prove it to the judge and others." The person said with a wild- violent grin. Rena dropped her bag as her eyes became wider.


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