Beyond the Basics

Four teens from different backgrounds and different parts of the US all have one thing in common. They are tired of following The Standard forcing everyone to just be normal. But, to go beyond the basics is to go against society in the new America and has the terrible punishment of death.

Joining the Creatives is their only way to cheat death. But being in a rebel group is more than just fun and games.

Chapter 9

Swimming Assement (Elaina)

As everybody left the autitorium, the guy that sat next to Elaina turned and help out his hand. "Riley," he said introducing himself. Eliana shook his hand back firmly, looking into his blue eyes. "Elaina," she said.

Elaina was then swept away in the crowd. Elaina remembered that she was supposed to go downstairs. Fighting through the crowd, which was going the opposite way Elaina was trying to go, she heads down the hall. Finally the crowd thins out.

Elaina walks down the halls and eventually comes to a set of stairs and an elevator. She decides to take the stairs. Elaina doesn't make it very long until she is stopped by a dark-skinned guy.

"The testing room are that way," he says pointing towards the celing-or upstairs strictly speaking. Elaina straitened her back. "I was told to go downstairs to the pool area," she says calmly.

The guy immediately relaxes. "Oh well in that case," he says, "carry on." The guy then lets Elaina pass through.

Well that was interesting, Elaina thinks as she hurries down the stair case. She was also worried about where exactly the pool was. This place was huge, Elaina was pretty sure you needed a GPS system to navigate through the entire thing.

However Elaina didn't need to worry about not finding the pool, she smelled it even before she could see it. A petite girl was standing in front of the locker room doors. "Okay now some of you are divers, swimmers, water polo players. That's the majority of you. We might have a few secronized swimmers but most of those are burn here or are swimmers from the Standard that come here and find that they prefer it over laps."

What is with these people and speaches?," Elaina thought irritably. She was longing to get in the cool, glistening water. This girl was preventing that with her talking. "We have assigned a locker to you. In it you will find the supplies you need and three suits. They are different sizes we thought would fit. Meet by the pool when you are done." Then then girl lets the group about to be tested into the locker rooms to change.

Elaina looks at the number on the key she was given. C19. That shouldn't be that hard to find. Elaina quickly finds the locker and opens it. Inside is a mesh bag with a yellow foam kickboard, fins, and tons of other tools Elaina had no clue what they were. There were three suits, a 38, a 40, and a 42. Trying them on Elaina discovers she fits best into the mint green and pink one, the 40. There are also swim caps and goggles in the locker.

And the goggles and caps weren't the Standard black or navy. They had patterns and colors. Elaina stands entranced by the sight in front of her. She takes her time devising what cap to choose. She finally decides on a white cap with green swirls to match her suit. Elaina also takes the hot pink goggles. Then she grabs a stall and quickly changes into the suit. She also pulls her hair into a bun.

Stopping only at her locker to drop her stuff off, Elaina rushes off towards the pool. When she gets there, three adults beckon her over to the lane they are standing at. Lane four, perfect. A middle lane.

"We are going to let you warm up first," says a male official. "Take as much time as you need. Then we will have you swim different lengths of each of the strokes. Then we will give you sets, the interval consitantly dropping to test for speed and endurance. You may begin."

Elaina adjusts her cap and goggles and dives in. She thinks about the test for a while but eventually her mind can only think about the fire in her body. Eventually though the pain leaves, leaving a pleasant numb feeling over Elaina's body. Elaina does a hundred and fifty more yards and then stops at the wall, pulling herself up out of the pool.

"You may get some water," the blonde female judge says. Elaina nods and walks over to the fountian. She wondered what the judges were discussing.

"We are going to start simple. We want you to do a fifty free," the red-hair female says. "It will be timed."

Elaina swallows her nerves and dives in. She kicks faster and harder than she has ever done before. She pulls harder. Her flip turn is more powerful and coming back into the wall she pushes it hard. 33.06 seconds was her time.

Elaina also does fifty's in breaststroke and backstroke. She also does a hundreds and two hundreds in all three strokes. Also Elaina does a five-hunderd in freestyle.

"Well that it," the red head says. "Set-"

"What about butterfly?," Elaina asks interrupting. Surely the stroke was legal here? The man looks at her in surprise. "You know how to do butterfly?"

"Well, kind of," Elaina hastily admits. "But it's my favorite." The three judges come together and talk. They decide to let Elaina do a fifty butterfly.

Does so, feeling more pressure than before. She cones back to the wall blushing. What if she was awful? However the judges don't say anything, they just assign her the set. At first it was easy, but the judges keept lowering the time that Elaina had to complete the set they gave her. Finally at the eighth one! Elaina misses the interval, thus ending her exam.

"Go clean up," the blonde girl says. "When you are done meet us back here for your results." Elaina leaves, heading strait for the showers. Thankfully the people in charge thought to put soap, shampoo, and conditioner in the locker.

Elaina quickly showers and changes into dry clothes. She also wrings out her hair and braids it. Then she hurries back out to get her results.

The officials waste no time in telling Elaina her score. "In creativity and originality you scored a nine out of twenty," the blonde judge says. Well I'm surprised I got that high, swimming wasn't really creative. The butterfly must have helped me out a lot more than I knew. "In quality of the product you recived a sixteen out of twenty." So I needed better technique. "In speed and endurance you have a sixteen. There are five levels:1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, and 17-20. Your average score was equal to 13. You are in level four, Elaina Walsh."

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