And when I saw myself in the mirror........

for wc24.
interesting theme. but difficult.
again a writing contest when em too busy -_-
so this story would have a bit idea of the show '' Hannah Montanah ''

and begging srsly...plz rate!!!

Chapter 3

It's Just the start

'' Now listen, we can't tell parents about this or anyone. Parents would scold us in return and I cant take much humiliation to tell others I got switched in my brother's body. So, I'll have to act you, and you'll have to act me '' , I shivered due to such thought.
''What could be worst than this?''
Mathew sat there, playing with my curls, eew! ''I cant believe he's my brother''
'' Why do you have to be so immature? '' , I asked
'' What did I do now? I was checking some of your things '' , He giggled.

'' Ok whatever, you have to wear these clothes, and give me yours. And...Mathew..please! I am a girl YOU GET THAT???? '''

He just nodded, took the clothes and went to the bathroom. ''I wish he would understand what I meant''

Ok so I went into his room. Big thing I was gonna do. Coz we dont really go in to each others' room, or mess with private stuff.
I opened the door. And the room was........unbelievable!!!!!
I had always heard mom screaming at Mathew to clean his room, or his bed, or take away the clothes or what not? And there I stood, in his room, a complete clean tidy one! . ''wow! I was wrong about him in this way''

So I went through his closet.
''Something to wear something to wear something to wear....AH! here is it''
And I pulled out a neat stylish outfit. Couldnt believe that Mathew had such a nice choice!

So I wore them, brushed hair and went down for breakfast. Mathew was already there. ''How's that possible?''
Yuck! He had an orange outfit on. An hair were not brushed carefully. And what was he eating? French toast?
'' Mathew!!! I mean, Cara, dont you remember you were on diet? ''
'' Uh no I don't remember ''
'' Hey Cara, whats up with your hair today? '' , Mom asked.
'' Uh mom, whats wrong with them? '' , Mathew asked innocently, stuffing toast in his mouth.
'' Mom, he is , I mean. she is having a bad hair day. Something wrong with her shampoo. Can you buy her a new one? '' I popped in.
'' What happened? Since when did you start to care about shampoos Mathew? '' Uhh since a few second ago '' , and I gave a cheesy smile.

'' Okay Mathew, you had to meet your friends at Slicery today ok? And I just can't remember where do I have to meet my friends? ''
''Uh oh''
'' UUHH At the mall ok?'' and i gave a dont-mess-it-up look

He winked at me and ran to the door.
'' WAIT! not in those clothes.....''
but he didnt hear

What would become of me now?

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