And when I saw myself in the mirror........

for wc24.
interesting theme. but difficult.
again a writing contest when em too busy -_-
so this story would have a bit idea of the show '' Hannah Montanah ''

and begging srsly...plz rate!!!

Chapter 2

I am you and you are me?

Standing in the mirror was a guy none other than my own stupidest brother. ''No manners, sneaking on girls at nights''

I started to wash my face..... ''wait, how did he get in the mirror? And why is he copying me?''
I touched my eyes, my nose, my lips, my cheeks and Mathew did the same. ''Weird! How come he started to copy me that well?''

'' Mathew get out of there, I dont know what kind of joke you are playing but STOP IT ''.
And he seemed to be saying the same thing! I touched the mirror, and he pulled out his hand too.
''Why am I acting too stupid?''
''Why does it feel like that I am Mathew?. oh! I am Mathew! That explains everything!''

.................''I AM MATHEW????? NNOOOOOOO!!!!!''.............

I looked over my body, same nighty but a stiff body. Rough hands, those who didn't use creams in ages.
''No No No , This can't be possible. Noooo'' , I moaned.

DHUB DHUB DHUB. came knocking on my door.
I covered myself with gown and went to open it, and there stand ME!.
I was standing there, with a shocked and confused expression on face, and rather goofy that I never make for sure! ''Hey does my hair look like that funny when I wake up?''

'' What have you done??!!!! '' , we both bellowed at the same time. Pointing at each other with our switched fingers.

'' I am you and you are me, what could be more worse??? '' , I asked.
''Dont be too wailing baby ok? I am also not so glad to be in your stinking body. So tight, so hard to breath, And I didn't do a thing! Don't blame me! ''
''My body isn't stinking! Yours is so rough! Do you even know the meaning of creams!?
'' No I don't. What are creams? '' , he asked innocently.
'' Creams are the liquids used for skin and they.......''did I really fall for his joke?'' Wait! Its Sunday today! Means Monday tomorrow, I have another concert tomorrow!!!!!! '' O_O
Mathew, I mean, me, gave a devilish smile.
''uh oh''


I, I mean Mathew, I mean me, oh whatever, I paced back and forth my room and Mathew rested on my bed looking at me foolishly.
'' There should be any solution to this. I can't spend my time lazing on couch, eating potato chips. Uh Mathew, pinch me ''

I held out my hand and willingly pinched me.
'' OOOUUUCCHHH!!! NOT THAT HARD '' . I screamed.
'' But you said yourself to pinch you. By the way, why did I pinch you? ''
''I thought it was a dream ''
Mathew giggled

There got to be solution, something I could do. Or will we stay like this forever?!!!??


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