And when I saw myself in the mirror........

for wc24.
interesting theme. but difficult.
again a writing contest when em too busy -_-
so this story would have a bit idea of the show '' Hannah Montanah ''

and begging srsly...plz rate!!!

Chapter 1

Why does it feel so strange?

'' ...............
And the holiday sun comes out
and I pull and shout
step on and dance
coz we go crazy crazy cra-a-azyyyyy ''

The song ended, but the applause couldn't end. I had those one of my celebrity-smile on my face, rather professional as I gave hand to all my audience for a touch.
I was waving to all of them and torrent of thoughts crossed my mind. ''How perfect my life is, the dream I had since childhood has come true. Now I am a famous personality. People ask for my autographs. At first i used to be fan but now I have fans. Now here, it's just another concert of my three-year celebrity experience. My friends are jealous, my parents are proud, and I'm rocking!''

'' Cara , Cara , Cara , Cara , '' , all of them cheered. But it was time to leave the place and go back.

I went backstage, and staff joined me. I got my shall and thumbs up from everyone.
'' Great work Cara ''
'' Thanks Dad ''
'' Here Cara, your favorite chocolates ''
'' Oh I really wanted them mom ''
'' Why are you all so Cara-this-and-Cara-that? '', Mathew popped in, my twin brother.
'' What is the hell problem with you? If you are jealous then why can't you also be a celebrity like I am. Dont bug my head. '' , I stuck my nose and made a models' pose.

He glared at me, his face turned bight pink and steam arose from ears. ''Oh great, world war 3'' . ...........But parents came in between.
'' Stop it you two. Dont fight over here. ''
'' Okay then we'll continue at home! '' , I roared.
'' I mean stop this FOREVER '' , Mom scolded.
I quieted down. ''That was frightening'' :P


~At home, getting ready to sleep~

'' Stop making my parodies!!!! '' I bellowed. Mathew was making parodies of my songs. ''HOW COULD HE?'' . '' I am too cool for you to even copy '' .

Mathew pulled up his head, waved his hand in air, curved in his back and danced like a monkey
'' Coz the banana sun is out
I pull out banana and shout
Eat banana , and dance
Coz i am a monkey-y-yyyyy ''

'' SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP '' . The volcano was about to erupt.
'' Why should I shut up? Fact is a fact. You are a monkey ''
'' And what are you? House rat? You can't dance well, can't sing well, can't dress well, can't study well, we maybe twins but I'm so glad we aren't alike, not through features too, phew! ''
'' But I can make good friends, Zack Zack Zack, You want Zacky Baby? I can give you crushy-crushy '' He winked
''He has done it!!!!!''

''OK did I sound that harsh?''

Coz he was wide eyed, there was sudden silence. ''Why am I feeling so guilty?''

'' Yah Cara, Nobody loves me. I can't do anything. Go on kill me. I dont have any importance in this world. No state of respect. Everybody loves our GREAT CARA HERBET , THE STAR , well Cara, congo. you are better than anyone. ''
''ok I WAS harsh. I didn't mean to be so harsh. Not my fault''

'' Hey I'm sorry, I didn't ......''
'' No dont be, I am a looser''

Sadness arose, and he walked away........


~On beds~


''gaur dig dug guurrr buuzzz''

I woke, my eyes half open. ''What were those noises?''
I grabbed my gown and headed for the source of the sound. ''My closet?'' weird!

The sounds grew louder, ''should I open it or not? Should I open or not? Should I open it or not?''
My eyes on doors, my hands on handle, ''I cant open, I cant open, I can't open'' ...
And I opened it.
And I was at a fountain. Or you could say IN a fountain. It felt magical. The cool breeze, the full glowing moon, the magnificent trees and gardens. There was something fishy about this place. I felt that I was here on a purpose. The fountain meant something.
Suddenly I saw Mathew in front of me. He was smiling. He held out a hand. His face so gleaming. I took his hand and sparks flew. Rose petals came flying. I could feel love for my brother. He WAS ''something'' .

''Something has happened''
.....and my eyes opened.
''A dream? wow! Why can't these fairy tales come true?''

Anyways I slipped into my slippers and went to bathroom. ''Something feels so different, so strange, so.......''

And I saw myself in the mirror. '' NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ''

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